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Why Las Olas

Why Las Olas

You may remember a time when people enjoyed a simpler way of life, when they walked from place to place and visited their neighbors in an informal way; we think these things are worth keeping.

The Community

At Las Olas, we have designed the neighborhoods for walking and enjoying the relaxed natural setting along the peaceful Pacific coast.  Las Olas is free of cars racing by and the noise and air pollution they cause;  it is a community that values the quality of life.

In the Las Olas design, the focus is on the neighborhood as well as your individual home, encouraging both friendly interaction with your neighbors while maintaining your privacy. Our goals include aesthetics, convenience, active lifestyles, and a more sustainable way of developing communities.

Other characteristics include:

  • An emphasis on convenience for pedestrians
  • The integration of shops, services, amenities in the community
  • Pocket communities allowing for preservation of meaningful open spaces such as the private nature reserve, the equestrian pastures, the parks, the multiple hiking trails, and the expansive beaches.

Beautiful Beaches and Warm Water

Las Olas Ecuador unspoiled beachfront development extends over 20 miles and is situated between the city of Bahia de Caraquez to the north and the town of San Clemente to the south.  At low tide, the beach is over 150 meters wide; the sand is packed in such a way that driving vehicles or riding bicycles is possible.  In fact, at low tide it is possible to drive an SUV on the beach in both directions to either Bahia de Caraquez or San Clemente.  The water remains at a comfortable temperature year round,…a gentle ocean breeze is the norm.

The Property

Property image

The initial phase of Las Olas is spread over 1,650 acres with over a mile of unspoiled beach frontage and a 650 acre private nature reserve with countless species of birds, butterflies, and wildlife, with miles of horseback, biking and walking trails winding throughout the property.  The property coast has cliffs rising to the north for 1,100 yards and has approximately 400 yards of direct beachfront lowlands.  Much of the property is located in a valley that gently rises as you move inland from the beach, providing for excellent ocean and golf course views throughout the property.  The property is surrounded by mountains on three sides with a public road on the south side that leads to the highway.


The temperature remains consistent for much of the year with daily highs ranging from 78 – 85 degrees and in the low 70’s at night.  The humidity remains low for most of the year, rising slightly during the rainy season, rarely reaching uncomfortable levels.  During the dry season, which extends from May through October there are virtually no bugs, making for spectacular indoor/outdoor living.  During what is called the rainy season, there is an average of an hour or two of light rain weekly.

The Amenities


The amenities are another area that sets Las Olas apart.  The Ceibo Valley golf course complete with spectacular ocean views from several holes, while other holes play in deep ravines surrounded by 300 foot cliffs and rainforest vegetation, will be second to none in South America.  Our tennis club includes both tennis and the ever-growing popular pickle ball courts.  Next, visit the equestrian center, where you can enjoy riding on the trails through the 650-acre  private nature reserve, the mountain trails or simply on the beach.  Enjoy the beach club, complete with Olympic size-length pool, infinity pools, hot tubs, a spa, a fitness center, restaurants or enjoy your own private beach.  Of course, don’t forget our boardwalk located 150 feet above sea level with pools, fitness centers, shops and restaurants.

It is all yours to enjoy at Las Olas!

Bahia de Caraquez


Bahia de Caraquez is one of the most intimate Ecuadorian tourist places on the coast.  It boasts a quaint ocean boardwalk and many unique shops and restaurants.  Bahía primarily caters to the growing expat community and to the middle and upper class of Quito and Guayaquil who have vacation condos here.  This area is almost completely undiscovered by the rest of the world.  Bahía has the lowest crime rate in all of Ecuador.  The population of Bahia is estimated to be 30,000 people located in the urban and surrounding areas.  The town is a relaxed and very safe place with a fresh food market, including the day’s catch of fresh seafood.  Bahia’s surroundings encompasses over 6,000 hectares of shrimp farming facilities…a seafood lovers’ paradise!

Proximity to Major Cities and Airports

The infrastructure in the area has improved significantly over the past seven years.  New highways and bridges have cut travel from any of the three major cities, Quito, Guayaquil and Manta, in half.  Manta, the fourth largest and fastest growing city in Ecuador with its international airport, is less than 45 minutes away.  Bahia is home to a hospital, shops, fresh food markets, a brand new shopping mall and upcoming cinemas.

The Value

At Las Olas, we challenge you to find a better value in all of Central and South America.  Ours is a seaside gated community with a truly world-class golf course, tennis center, equestrian center, beach club, boardwalk, and a 650-acre private nature reserve complete with walking, biking and horseback riding trails.  Experience it all at  Las Olas!

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