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Who are Las Olas Ecuador’s Owners?

Our current and prospective buyers asked us what type of people are coming to Las Olas, so we sent out a survey and the numbers are in!

This survey gave us the understanding of who and where people are currently living, after all, we are creating a lifestyle and community where we encourage neighbourly interaction and also a lifestyle where you can enjoy what Ecuador has to offer.

To us, Las Olas is a place where we care about the environment we live in and that is why we are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible but at the same time enjoy the luxuries we have not been afforded in our everyday life.

Las Olas Ecuador Home Owners

Las Olas Ecuador Home Owners

If you take a look at the amenities that will be available to us at Las Olas from a championship golf course, tennis, nature walks, horse riding and a fabulous beach club then this is the perfect setting.  Las Olas is situated in the middle of a 12 mile serene uninhabited stretch of beach and boasts its own private 650 acre nature reserve.

Take a look at what is on offer, or even better, come and visit and see for yourself.


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