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Water Sources for Las Olas

The initial plan for Las Olas was to create a well system in our underground aquifer to supply water for both the potable water and some of the golf course requirements. The plan was to build a water filtration plant to create potable water for the community. This system was to be supplemented by desalination plants for redundancy purposes. The golf course irrigation would be supplemented by seawater.

The Ecuador government recently approach Las Olas to consider drawing its potable water from the newly completed pipeline that feeds the City of Bahia. Our main concerns in considering this option included the volume of water that would available and the quality of the water.

We visited the water filtration plant located just east of Tosagua which supplies water to five separate towns using five separate pipelines and pumping stations. The pipeline that supplies Bahia was recently built and the old line was used to provide water to the various communities along the route. While Bahia has some water issues, it is largely due to the infrastructure of water lines underneath the city, not the incoming pipeline or water supply.


The water is drawn from the Rio Carrizal which starts in the highlands. It is treated at the plant and in fact many of the five gallon bottles of drinking water that companies sell in the area come straight from this plant. The government is in the process of doubling the capacity of the plant from the current 30,000 cubic meters per day. They have committed that Las Olas will have all the water to meet its current and future requirements.

river-tosaguadrink water

We are currently conducting a study to determine the feasibility and environmental impact. It should be completed within the next thirty days. Initial estimates have the system being totally functional within three months from the start of construction of the system. This would preserve our aquifer for golf course irrigation.

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