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The People in Ecuador


Where people make the difference!

Most tourists agree that it is the people of Ecuador that make the experience truly memorable and rewarding. Although close to half live beneath the poverty level, the people you meet are happy and generous. They are incredibly hospitable and like helping foreigners. The people of Ecuador seem happy that others appreciate the beauty of their country as much as they do. Surprisingly, Ecuador has one of the highest literacy rates in the world outpacing even that of the United States and Canada.

Amazonian frontier towns, Pacific coastal fishing villages, rambling old haciendas, packed markets, and colonial cities show just how many cultures Ecuador has. Each culture is a recognized part of the Republic of Ecuador and each one strive to maintain its own identity and history while also clearing for themselves a path into the future. Because of Ecuador’s compactness, you can experience a number of Ecuador’s distinct cultures in a single day.

Ecuadorian culture includes a deep religious attitude. Most people are Catholic, have high regards for the Bible, and enjoy religious discussions.

They also are very religious when it comes to sports. Especially futbol! A soccer game during the World Cup can completely shut down a whole town – more like the whole country! Everything goes quiet and then all erupts at once when a goal is scored. A win is celebrated as hard as any holiday.

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