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The first ecological airport already in operations in the Galapagos

ecology airport

Ecuador news magazine – Quito, April 1, Andes – The first ecological airport in the world began operations on March 25 on Baltra Island in the Galapagos Archipelago.

The archipelago, declared as a Cultural Heritage site in 1979, has a 6,000 square meter terminal whose total cost was over $24 million.

As of last December, the Galapagos airport was in partial operations out of its new installation. On March 25, Ecogal announced that it was already in full operation.

The ecological airport uses solar power, recycled rainwater and wind energy, making it the first of its kind.

It only operates during the day, which will cover the tourist demand in the Galapagos of about 300,000 passengers a year.

The growth of tourism in the Galapagos registers positive figures; since 2006 it has grown by 11.5%. The population of the Galapagos has a restricted number of inhabitants, about 30,000, and has special regulations that protect its flora and fauna in order to maintain the natural state of the unaltered islands.

The province is located about 1,000 kilometers from Ecuador’s coastline.

“The new location of the terminal ensures that the gasses from the moving and non-moving aircraft do not enter into the building, it also reduces the sound heard by passengers,” Ecogal affirms.

The airport located in Baltra Island, which does not have access to freshwater and where access to rainwater is limited, has a desalinization plant that will provide water for the terminal to be used in restrooms. Toilet wastewater will be recycled.


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