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Client Testimonial: Brian & Robin Rosenburg

It was fate.  My wife went on a mission trip to Ecuador last year and enjoyed the friendly culture and the spirit of the people. Half joking we wondered what it would be like to move to Ecuador, my only condition was a great golf course.  With some research we came across Las Olas and it fit the dream to a “tee”.  We had several phone conversations with David and Kim, and they could not have been more informative.  With our excitement high we scheduled a trip to Las Olas to see for ourselves and meet the developers.  From the time we arrived Kim and David could not have been more accommodating.  The day after arriving in Bahia we went to see the property. Wow!  What a spectacular piece of property.  We stood for hours standing on the property and the lot where the oceanfront home was to be built.  We saw tons of wild life, even a whale. It was incredibly quite and peaceful.  The next day we walked to the property along the beach from Bahia, again it was spectacular.  We where the only ones on the beach for miles.  We have been lucky to travel to several countries, and play some great golf courses on the east and west coast, this property rivals the best.  With Kim and David’s passion for golf, meticulous planning and the great team they have assembled, Las Olas will be an incredible place to live.  The town of Bahia was wonderful, friendly and the food was great.  The weather is perfect and the things to do and see are endless.  We can’t wait to return and call Las Olas home. – Brian and Robin Rosenberg


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