20 January 2014

We began researching about Ecuador and liaised with other property developers since early 2012. Prior to that we had researched and travelled around Asia Pacific to find our little piece of “Retirement” paradise, but nothing comes close to what we have in mind. We took what we had researched on Ecuador with a pinch of salt at surface level. Having visited and also lived in some third world countries and developing countries, we were not expecting much since traits like widespread poverty, homeless, beggars and very poor infrastructure, dirt roads, transmission power plants lines, inadequate sewage treatment, dirty etc might be apparent. We are extremely pleasantly surprised with what Ecuador had to offer and totally unlike our presumptions.

We first got to know about Las Olas Ecuador in April 2013 through an online advertisement and concluded to purchase in September 2013. Throughout the experience, we found that David (the co-founder of Las Olas Ecuador) is extremely helpful and puts us at ease with all our queries, concerns and requests through amicable, flexible, pragmatic and reasonable approach. David is dexterous in managing the whole range of process and addressed in a timely and professional manner

We believe we have found our paradise in Las Olas Ecuador. There are various factors that made us decide on Las Olas Ecuador, from the scenic surroundings, ecological features of homes, fabulous home designs, special perks of being a ‘founder, its unbeatable facilities/ amenities and so much more. What really made us more assured are the Home Title Insurance, feedback given from David and Randy’s past clientele/ character referees and importantly their Sales Agreement Contract. We had the opportunity to review 4 other coastal property developers’ contracts and we found a number of ‘grey areas’ in it, which makes us more wary and skeptical in them. We are very meticulous when it comes to such documentations and are very pleased that the Sales Agreement Contract from Las Olas Ecuador is professionally well written, concise yet informative with every crucial point laid out.

David and Kim offered warm hospitality during the visit, from picking up and sending off at the Guayaquil airport, driving around and dining etc. We would like to thank David and Kim for their fantastic customer service, hospitality and kindness. A very special thank you too to Randy and David for making our ‘beyond wildest imagination dream home’ comes true. A resort community living beachfront home with exclusive golf course, equestrian centre, marine centre, medical facility etc…at a fraction of the costs in many other countries …what more can one ask for?  Siti and Andre – from Japan