I rarely make comment on the Las Olas Friends and Neighbors Facebook page mostly because I rarely see the site and I do not believe that I can have an opinion about something that is current in my mind.  So having said that I can tell now that my husband (Michael) and I are in Bahia spending lots of time with David, Kim, Pascal, Dean and Richard.  If you do not now these people, this is the time to get to know the key players in the Las Olas team.  They are skilled in each of their roles and passionate about the project.

It has been 20 months since I had actually walked the site – I can tell you that after our visit with David and Kim, I am astounded at the progress, the quality of the work in general and with each part of the project as they currently stand. 

As early members of the Founders Club, Michael and I have purchased 2 condominiums as both investments and accommodation for family and friends.  Our first visit to the site (early 2013) put us in the middle of a valley that was covered in wild, dense vines that was strong and very heavy – very tough walking.  I loved the green and the spectacular vistas. More than that, I also loved the vision of the project and its team.

As time has gone on we have watched and waited (mostly) patiently for each of our properties to be built.  Now I can honestly say, there has been HUGE progress, masses of dirt moved to ensure the foundations will be sound, a spectacular design finalized and a whole community that each of us will be proud to live in.  It has been introduced to the area with care and many locals are already asking about jobs and possible involvement.

Tennis courts, pickleball courts, riding stables and paddocks have all been planned and there are already 11 horses on site being trained and well cared for.  These are all things that are being developed and built along side homes now being built.  Of course there is the Ceibo Valley Golf Club.

I do not play golf for health reasons, but my entire family as well as many friends played as I was growing up and I still (as I retire) walk courses with them.  I have traveled to many golf destinations.  Ceibo Valley will be gorgeous and from what I can see – with a variety of T-Box placements – it will be playable by most anyone. 

I came to Bahia this trip for reassurance and now can honestly say that I am now willing to wait for progress and completion construction done right and the amenities that will be second to none in Ecuador and even South America.  I will be proud to be a part of this Community.