Bahia de Caraquez

Client Testimonial: Jane – Toronto, Ontario

After viewing your website and talking to you about your plans for Las Olas, I was anxious to visit and see the property for myself.  From the moment your hosts met me at the airport in Quito you provided me with a sense of safety and security.  At our request, you were kind enough to [...]

Client Testimonial: Jane – Toronto, Ontario2016-03-08T02:49:52-05:00

Client Testimonial: Lisa & Alfred – San Antonio, Texas

This is our second trip to Ecuador so we had already eliminated several coastal areas.  We fell in love with the beauty, safety, walkability and expat community in Bahia.  After renting for several months, we decided we wanted to live on the beach but until we toured the property and heard the plans for Las [...]

Client Testimonial: Lisa & Alfred – San Antonio, Texas2016-03-08T02:50:49-05:00

Client Testimonial: Ed & Angela – Lebanon, TN

Las Olas is situated in a beautiful setting, surrounded by hills and beach.  As I walked the property, the sights and sounds of the ocean were magnificent!  The wind blows softly, sweeping your hair to the side while keeping your body (temperature) ever so comfortable while you are there.  The area is truly stunning. The [...]

Client Testimonial: Ed & Angela – Lebanon, TN2016-03-08T02:16:09-05:00

Client Testimonial: Randy & Jen – Ontario, Canada

We really want to thank the both of you and I guess we can’t forget the kids as they make us laugh. You made us feel at home and put zero pressure on us to make any kind of decision. I know we asked a lot of questions but the great thing about it is [...]

Client Testimonial: Randy & Jen – Ontario, Canada2016-03-08T02:15:48-05:00

Client Testimonial: Brian & Robin Rosenburg

It was fate.  My wife went on a mission trip to Ecuador last year and enjoyed the friendly culture and the spirit of the people. Half joking we wondered what it would be like to move to Ecuador, my only condition was a great golf course.  With some research we came across Las Olas and it fit [...]

Client Testimonial: Brian & Robin Rosenburg2016-03-08T02:18:39-05:00

Client Testimonial: Siti & Andre – Japan

20 January 2014 We began researching about Ecuador and liaised with other property developers since early 2012. Prior to that we had researched and travelled around Asia Pacific to find our little piece of “Retirement” paradise, but nothing comes close to what we have in mind. We took what we had researched on Ecuador with [...]

Client Testimonial: Siti & Andre – Japan2016-03-08T02:19:07-05:00
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