As many of you are aware, the homes at Las Olas Ecuador sit on drilled piers. In consulting with numerous engineers, we were told repeatedly that we don’t “need” drilled piers at our community.

So why take the extra time and effort to build drilled piers when we don’t have to?




We completely disagreed with that assessment and felt that providing anything less than a superior foundation for our owners just wasn’t acceptable!

Along with the piers, the man-made terracing that we’ve built to allow everyone an unobstructed view of the Pacific ocean and the extraordinary soil compaction process already providing a stable platform, every single house being built in Las Olas is sitting on the best foundation possible. That’s why we are using drilled piers!

Drilled piers, retaining wall, terracing at Las Olas


But what exactly does that mean and why is it important to your home?

A drilled pier is a deep foundation system that is a large diameter concrete cylinder constructed by placing fresh concrete and reinforced steel into a drilled shaft. The use of this system allows for greater stability in seismically active areas as well as providing a greater lateral load bearing capacity in various types of soil so heave and settlement at the ground is normally small.


Drilled pier diagram


As you can see in the image above, a rebar cage is used to secure the structure and while the use of piers may be uncommon in Ecuador, the use of rebar is very common.

These are the rebar cages that are going into the piers in Las Olas.

Rebar cages being used at Las Olas Ecuador



Drilling the pier shafts

Our piers will be drilled to a depth of up to 20m (over 65ft) in the ground, depending on the location of your lot and we use anywhere between 16 and 24 piers on every foundation we pour.



By adding this drilled pier feature to an already amazingly strong Hormi2 building system, you are sure your investment at Las Olas Ecuador is protected for the future!

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