When building your dream home, there are many factors that must be considered in terms of evaluating the quality and comfort you want while enjoying your private sanctuary. Some obvious items that you might want to consider are: the climate you desire to live in, the type of views that you want to have, the community feeling, the safety and so on. Something less obvious but equally important is the quality of the glass and frames used during the construction of your home. Proper lighting and glass characteristics  plays a vital role as far as housing is concerned.


Here at Las Olas you’ll find custom made windows and glass doors with shipped-in materials from abroad. We understand the value of having good windows and frames and we felt compelled to take it one step further and acquired our very own window factory to ensure every home is equipped with the very best!


Some of the most important functions of our windows include:

-Large size windows that provide natural light all throughout the house.

-Tinted glass to limit the transmission of ultraviolet light and reduce heat inside the house by reflecting solar energy.

-Good resistant glass doors that would not break easily and if they do, the tempered glass will not shatter.

-Perfectly sealed windows that help prevent dust, bugs or other debris from entering the house.

– Durable PVC window frames which can be easily cleaned and will not rust from the elements.

– Even with all of this great functionality they are also stylish and aesthetically pleasing.


But how are this special windows built?

West facing slider doors are glazed with insulated low E tempered glass. The low E coating on the inside layer rejects nearly 75% of solar heat gain so that sunset doesn’t over heat homes. Since a low E coating is too susceptible to damage, an insulated unit was selected to protect the Low E coating – a reasonably common type of glass in North America. The windows are made with the finest German vinyl extrusions, not available elsewhere in Ecuador. Lesser quality extrusions will break down under UV solar radiation.



At Las Olas; safety, comfort and convenience is our priority, that’s why our houses are built under the highest standards and the quality of the windows is an important part of that. We just want to bring you the best!

So, next time you imagine yourself living by the beach surrounded by beauty and comfort…., imagine yourself at Las Olas!