Tim Humble, a professional chef and teacher, shared with us his experience as a new owner, how he knew about Ecuador and why he decided to choose Las Olas as his retiring destination.  Here is a transcript of his testimonial…


Why did you decide to retire outside of your home country and why did you choose Ecuador?

Tim:  Well, we’ve never been to Ecuador before but we knew that from what we saw everything was what we wanted. The temperature was good, the climate was good, the location, the beach… everything seemed to say yes to us!


Did you do a lot of research about this country before making the decision to come?

Tim:  Andrea, my wife, did a lot of research before I did… She did the in-depth research, I did more of the skimming research…. Like, hey! That looks good or I really like that!  When I started looking at it more, I found out that other friends and colleagues had been to other parts of Ecuador, so I said, ‘Hey, There’s got to be something there!’ We actually didn’t find a reason to say no.


Once you got to Ecuador, was it what you expected?

Tim:  We really didn’t know what to expect… we knew most likely it was going to be really beautiful because that’s what lured us to look into it. We heard other people saying: you know, safety is a problem and all this stuff, but  people who said that had never been there! So we said: We’ve got to go! All of the people that are moving there, it seems to be a lot of good investment in there… Then, the opportunity arouse when we were invited to Las Olas Ecuador and we said Well, here is an opportunity to check it out. It’s a very low risk, it’s a very small time trip, how much trouble can we possible get into!  So, we went! Everything we saw, we enjoyed… We didn’t find anything that was off-putting to us.



How did you find out about Las Olas Ecuador?

Tim:  That was a two step process. Andrea found about it quite a while ago and she was following the website. I found out about it when I heard people talking about investing in Ecuador, so that’s what led me to Las Olas. We found out on the website that there was an information session and we found from it all the things we wanted to know. We had a lot of questions which it answered and it actually created a lot more curiosity to actually go out there. Anything beyond that couldn’t have been answered without going to Ecuador and finding out for ourselves.


When you actually came to Ecuador and went to visit Las Olas, was it what you imagined from the information you saw on the website?

Tim:  What we saw on the website and the plans, was as we expected. What we didn’t anticipate is the perspective from actually being there… that’s what blew us away! You could look at the drawings and the plans and we even had three spots that we liked the most, but when we actually got to the property that was like: Oh my God!!! Like, I can’t believe the scale of it.  You can’t email, you can’t picture, it’s hard to articulate the feeling of being there! The peace, the quiet, the environment that you are in and being part of it and hearing the story of the land and the region… I mean, that’s the only way to experience it, is being there.


Can you picture yourself living in Las Olas Ecuador?

Tim:  That was instant.. Before we even got to the end of the driveway, we saw that happening and then, when we walked through the different parts… that was quite incredible, that was very easy to envision us being there, for sure!


What aspect of Las Olas community attracted you the most?

Tim:  I can’t deny it was the beach… The Beach Club for sure! The location, the property being developed there. The Equestrian Center is a fabulous touch. The Ceibo Valley Golf Course, I know from working at golf courses for over 8 years and knowing the people involved in developing this one, I’m looking forward to it being fabulous, I just can’t wait to be a part of all of that and seeing it all come together!


From your perspective, as a chef, what would you like to have at the restaurants in the Beach Club and what would you like the food to be at Las Olas?

Tim:  Some initial concept based on being there and finding out the property and what was there and the local vegetation, keeping it local is obviously without a question…. Having land set aside for growing on the property, the fact that everything can be grown there all the year round for the most part, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. Talk to local people about getting fresh fish right from the beach as well… I would try to keep it local, local to the property and local to the region whenever possible. I love the story of the water filtration, one of the things, when you are working in a kitchen, you want to be sure that the water you are getting is safe enough to drink and certainly wash and clean your food with. I like the fact that we’ll be recycling and reusing all the water. It’s giving back and we don’t want to take away but instead be a part of that. We want to be eco-conscious through every step wherever possible here.


Thank you, Tim! It was great to hear from you and welcome to the Las Olas family!