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Making a Mole Hill Out of a Mountain


One of the first challenges that Las Olas had to deal with in creating a truly world class community is the removal of a hill that sat in the dead center of the oceanfront area thereby blocking the view of the ocean from most of the valley behind. The hill was over 100 feet high and contained in excess of 200,000 cubic meters of dirt. This was no small task as you might imagine.
The job was estimated to take six to nine months to complete. In order to complete the task we brought a large scrapper from Texas as well as utilizing several other pieces of heavy equipment. We started the process in late September 2013 and completely removed it by the end of June 2014.
20131107_121135 With the hill gone, residents of Las Olas and golfers playing Ceibo Valley Golf Course will now be able to enjoy spectacular ocean views throughout the entire valley.

The next step in the process was to start grading the oceanfront communities, Las Playas and Vista al Mar, in a very unique way that would ultimately provide all homes with remarkable views of the ocean no matter where they are located in the community. Founding partner David Maksymuik comments that he does not understand why all ocean front communities with similar topography were not designed this way.

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