Since Las Olas Ecuador is located at the equator where sunlight is plentiful all year round, providing energy for both the solar power system and the solar thermal hot water heater is better than anywhere else in the world!


What it is…

Our solar energy power system is composed of solar panels…

Up close view of solar panels


…on the roof…

Overhead side view of solar panels on roof

Overhead back view of solar panels on roof


…and an inverter installed in the garage.

Inverter located in every garage


How it works…

From sunrise to sunset, the solar panels generate direct current (DC) electricity which is sent to the inverter. The inverter then converts the DC into alternating current (AC) the type of electricity required for the household use. We capture the energy on homes through the utilization of 28 250 watt solar panels and then store the energy into 16 batteries housed in a cabinet located on premise that has a total capacity of 7kw.  

How solar panels work



And one more thing…

As if all this weren’t enough, we are also installing a solar thermal hot water heater into every residence! A standard electric hot water heater is one of the biggest drawers of power for any home. By capturing the sun’s energy we can heat 40 gallons of water and keep it hot for two days. For those extended periods of cloudy days, an auxiliary connection is installed to provide an automatic cut over to the grid to ensure you are never without hot water.

Solar thermal water heater

Overhead view of solar thermal water heater on roof


This is just one more way Las Olas Ecuador shows its commitment to conservation and bringing better value to your future home! Live your life in the sun by contacting us today to find out how you can join our wonderful community!