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Home locations in two communities now available

Las Olas has released home sites in two of its six communities. Home sites and condominiums are now available for sale in the Las Playas and Vista al Mar communities. By signing a Reservation Agreement (see Special Offer) potential buyers can reserve their choice of lot prior to traveling to Las Olas. This ensures that you secure the lot of your choice.

“Ocean view Home Sites Priced from $51,200!”

“Home construction costs – $67.50 per square foot”

“Condominiums priced from $93,500” 

 Spectacular Ocean Views

The Master Plan design for Las Olas includes a lot elevation design that provides all houses in the Las Playas and Vista al Mar spectacular views of the ocean. It does not matter where your home is located they will enjoy a view of the ocean. To make it even more enticing, most Vista al Mar homes have great views of the golf course as well. Great views of a world class golf course and the ocean as well! Can it get any better?

 At Las Olas – We do not sell lots

Las Olas does not sell stand alone lots like many other developments in Ecuador. When you purchase a home site in Las Olas we will deliver you the deed to your lot and you will be required to enter into a Home Construction Agreement at the same time. The principal reason for this approach is that Las Olas is not simply interested in selling lots; Las Olas is building a community.

We have toured several developments in Ecuador over the past few years where the majority of homes have not been started, even after a five to ten year period. We want to ensure that residents of Las Olas are not living in a construction site for a perpetual period of time.

Further, we wish to dissuade speculators from purchasing a lot for the purpose of flipping it some time in the future. This is a common practice in Ecuador and a key contributor to communities living with endless construction and a half completed community.

We also want to ensure that the quality of design and construction remains and high. Most people traveling to a foreign country are unfamiliar with contractors and construction practices. By setting the design standards and managing the construction process, we feel that we can protect residents against poor quality design and construction.

Home Construction Costs

Las Olas will construct your home in a time period that is agreed upon prior to closing on your home site. The cost of home construction should be added to the cost of your lot in order to determine your final price. The construction costs for building your home will be $75.00 a square foot. This price includes four appliances (fridge, stove, washer & dryer), but does not include a pool. We estimate that a pool will cost approximately $10,000 to $12,000 at time of construction. Extras may be agreed upon prior to construction.

Financing Available!

Please call 1-888-406-8660 or email info@lasolasecuador.com for information about lot pricing and available financing

See our Interactive Map for details on:

• Home site locations
• Lot sizes
• Availability
• Home options

“We don’t sell dirt”

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