This past Sunday majority of the world celebrated their Mothers.  Las Olas and various members of the community had to make sure that our local mothers were also celebrated.  The aftermath of the earthquake experienced here in Ecuador has made it difficult for some families to show their moms exactly how much they mean to their families.

Las Olas team members Rafaella and Mandy worked with the people of Bahia de Caraquez in this event who helped spoil those special mothers by hosting a breakfast for 100 moms where they could all get together, play some bingo and win some amazing prizes.  With the solidarity of many others who contributed to this special morning we are sure that we will be able to help so many others by all standing together.

Food and prizes were sponsored from burners, blenders and various items of crockery that they could take home.

They had a wonderful morning with many laughs and very happy moms!  Here are some pictures with moms enjoying their time with us.

Bahia remains a beautiful city and its people demonstrate it…

Las Olas Mothers Day