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Las Olas meets with Ecuador President Rafael Correa to discuss its investment in Ecuador and Ecuador’s future plans to grow Tourism and expand the Ecuador Economy

Inversión-1Quito, (27/11/2014) Around of 30 domestic and foreign investors gathered the evening of Wednesday 26 November with the President of the Republic, Rafael Correa and the Tourism Minister, Sandra Naranjo, to talk about tourism projects that are being developed in the country and possible future endeavours.

The meeting was held at the Carondelet Palace. The authorities of the national Government unveiled entrepreneurs support provided by Ecuador for the tourism sector, in order to encourage them to invest increasingly in more real estate projects within the country.

Tourism in Ecuador grows to 14.2 per cent, while the world is growing at 5%, which puts us at the moment, as the second country in greater growth in Latin America and among the top ten of most projection of the world.

After a brief introduction on the Ecuador as a destination for world class in charge of the President, presented the video All You Need Is Ecuador, where every image made it clear why Ecuador is a tourist power.

During his speech, President Correa highlighted the qualities that make Ecuador an ideal place to invest. He said that in 2016, especially, the country will require several investments in the area of tourism; which, in turn, represents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Ecuador will house, among other things, the CELAC Summit, will inaugurate the UNASUR headquarters and will receive the Conference of States of Latin America and Africa.

He highlighted the cities of Quito, Cuenca (such as cultural heritages), Sangay National Park and Galapagos as the most outstanding tourist destinations in a country that offers a huge package of possibilities that can target investors.

Finally, employers had a space to talk about projects that are carried out in Ecuador and, at the same time, discuss support and incentives that the Government grants entrepreneurs who decide to invest in our country.

Cesar Mesa, Executive Chairman of meters square S.A., said that during this event was a grand opening by foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the Ecuadorian tourism sector. “It is beginning to strengthen and grow a sector of an impressive dynamics that could beat the Ecuador oil.”

The intense working day concluded with a dinner in which the Minister Naranjo said that the only way to develop tourism is through a joint effort of the public, private sector and citizens. In addition, appreciated the participation in this meeting which left pleasant experiences and open doors to bring investment to the benefit of the tourism of the country.

Among the international companies participating were: Belmond Hotels, Vivanta by Taj, Wyndham Hotel Group, Hilton Worldwide, Construction Development Company Qatar. Attended by Ecuador: Hotel Oro Verde, Hotel Federation of the Ecuador, hotels Eurobuiling, chain Cialcotel, future group, Swissôtel, Decameron Ecuador, Guayaquil Chamber of industry, hotel project real estate Beach Coaque, metres square S.A. Phase Zero Ecuador, Pikaia Lodge.

In addition, it was attended by representatives of project Las Olas Resort Community, project Mirador San Jose (Hello Ecuador), Pronobis, Coloncorp, Ecuaresorts, Corporacion Favorita C.A., Almacenes Juan Eljuri, Ortiz group, DK Managment Services, DK Managment Services, BPO business advisors (Holiday Inn).

City Tour of Quito

inversion3Before the meeting with the President and the Minister of tourism, businessmen from Qatar, Canada, Peru and Colombia made a city tour through the historic center of Quito, to know the charms that holds the Ecuadorian capital, which currently compete to become one of the seven cities marvel of the world.

They marched through the streets filled with history of the capital and visited the most emblematic places of the Colonial town, as the Plaza Grande, the Carondelet Palace and the Church of the society of Jesus. In this latest amounted to the domes to revel in the most impressive panorama to the ‘ face of Dios´ offered in that clear morning. From there they could see the Plaza de San Francisco, adorned by its imposing church and, a little farther, El Panecillo guarded by the Virgin of Legarda was exhibited.

“Quito is very different not only in its nature but also in culture. I love the fact that there is a wide variety of people, but each one of them extremely hospitable and friendly, something not seen elsewhere”, said Peter Sholy, General Manager of Construction Development CompanyQatar, who mentioned, in addition to the historical center of Quito is one of the most beautiful I have seen. “I’m really fascinated with the city and the country itself, so that, without a doubt, I’d like to return”.

As Claudia Piña, investor in Colombia by the group to Wyndham, said that Ecuador has many opportunities to invest. “He has an impressive tourist potential.”

Later, international entrepreneurs joined a large group of representatives from national companies dedicated to housebuilding and the tourist office. They participated in the talk that the Deputy Minister of tourism, Dominic Hamilton, in Casa Gangotena, hotel very high prestige and recognition provided inside and outside the country. During his presentation, he referred to the reasons that make Ecuador an excellent place to invest, highlighting the opportunities and benefits offered by the Ecuadorian Government to those who are committed to develop tourism projects in our country.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Minister, Sandra Naranjo, gave a warm welcome to entrepreneurs during the business luncheon. “Thank you for believing and trusting in the country that has it all. Count on us to support them in what they need”, said head of the tourism portfolio.

Testimonials: investors who bet on the country

David Maksymuik, President Executive Project Las Olas Resort Community

David-MaksymuikDavid Maksymuik Investing in Ecuador is a great idea because it’s a fantastic country and people around the world expects much to Ecuadorians. We have decided to invest in the coast because the climate there is one of the best in the world.

The main reasons why we invest in Ecuador are that the country has a stable Government, a growing economy and a nation developing with many investment opportunities. It is the moment and the perfect place to invest.

Cesar Mesa, President Executive meters square S.A.

César-MesaCésar MesaCurrently, I’m leading the project of Hotel Sheraton Four Points, which is developed in conjunction with groups Kronfle, Eljuri and Ortiz, who is going to build in City Plaza (Guayaquil); and, next year, be the construction of the Hôtel Océan on beaches (Guayas). It is an architectural project, which we have already sold some departments.

The idea, now, is to develop that Ecuador has great and thanked the country for the effort they have made. I really congratulate them because it is the first time in 21 years that I have been living in this beautiful country, I see where initiatives and efforts pooled between the Government and the private sector.

During this event a grand opening by foreign entrepreneurs has been to invest in tourism projects. It is beginning to strengthen and grow a sector of impressive dynamics that could overtake oil in the Ecuador.

José Miguel Coo, the Guayaquil Hotel-Swissotel project manager

José-Miguel-CooJosé Miguel CooI have many years in the hotel business. I have worked in different countries such as Chile, Peru and Ecuador. I chose Ecuador because, as he says its slogan (All You Need Is Ecuador), is a country that has it all.

The tourism sector is one of the most important for the Ecuadorian economy and facilities given to investors in the country are excellent.

We operate for more than 20 years with the Swissotel in Quito and nearly eight years with the large Plaza Hotel; Now let’s Guayaquil with much enthusiasm because we know what means the support of clear public policy by the Government. We are confident that we will make a very profitable investment to Ecuador.

Basque Baseli, the Hotel Oro Verde in Guayaquil-General Manager

Vasco-BaseliVasco BaseliIn Guayaquil historical park there are several buildings that have been rescued, including the old Hospice heart of Jesus, where now, in conjunction with the public company of urban parks and public spaces, a luxury hotel is being built. This will have 44 rooms, gym, recreation, reading area and massage room areas.

It is a project pioneer that develops with the support of the State. The total investment amounts to USD 60 million, of which approximately 55% come from the public sector.

What the Ministry of tourism has started some years ago to position Ecuador as a destination is paying off. Ecuador is already known for its promotional campaigns and this has resulted in a significant growth of 22% of arrivals to the country, well above the figures that occur worldwide.

Enrique Aguerrevere, Vice President for international projects of the Eurobuilding group

Enrique-AguerrevereEnrique AguerrevereWe are very excited to be able to invest in Ecuador. Our first project, whose investment is with foreign capital, just started this month. It is seven minutes from the Mariscal Sucre airport in Quito (Tababela) and we hope to be the first of many projects in this country.

Ecuador offers clear rules, tax incentives, repatriation of capital, among many other benefits for investors.




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