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LAS OLAS ECUADOR’S Unique Oceanfront Terrace Design Up Close

One of the features that makes Las Olas stand out is the innovative Master Plan design which terraces the oceanfront communities in such a way that most homes have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, the Ceibo Valley Golf Course or incredibly in most cases, both. This is just not something that is normally found in typical oceanfront communities.

Las Playas-Vista al Mar Elevations

ABOVE: The lot plan above shows the elevations highlighted in red for each row of homes in meters above sea level

Each level is 3 meters higher than the row immediately in front of it. This revolutionary design not only provides a spectacular view for all, but it also creates an increased level of privacy for home owners. There are no neighbors homes staring directly into your backyard.



ABOVE: Side view of elevation change in each terrace

A special retaining wall design provides the stability and support for each terrace level while also providing the drainage needs for the oceanfront area.

Another distinctive feature of the master plan design is the curvature of many of the terraces so that it maximizes the view of both the ocean and golf course from most home sites.


ABOVE: A visual of how homes are situated on the terraces

Another resourceful feature of the master plan is the design of each home within the communities. There are multiple home designs and sizes to choose from and each group of homes is designed to enhance both the incredible views while at the same time maximizing privacy from your neighbors while you enjoy those views.


ABOVE: View from the beach of the first 3 meter terrace in the Las Playas community.

This ingenious terracing design does come with a cost, both in terms of time to build and money to construct. At Las Olas we are not interested in simply taking a track of land, plowing it flat, throwing in some roads and some services, calling it a community and selling some lots.  At Las Olas, we are first and foremost committed to building an exceptional world-class community for all its home owners to enjoy for years to come.


ABOVE: The curve of the 12 meter platform


ABOVE: View from 9 meter platform


ABOVE: Measuring the elevations


ABOVE: Rolling the 15 meter platform


ABOVE: Working on the 18 meter platform

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