Through a GoFundMe project, family and friends of the Hutton family were able to raise money to purchase 90 Luci Lights for the people of Bahia who lost their home in the earthquake.  For those of you that don’t know, a Luci light is a solar powered LED lantern that you blow up.

Due to their initial low profile, Berenice Hutton, our future resident and Las Olas colleague, was able to bring 90 lanterns through customs without a problem – that’s a lot of light!  

Many families are still rebuilding their homes after the earthquake, which means a lot of people are without light.  Kids still need to do homework, moms still need to cook and batteries cost money.  With the Luci light, there is no need for batteries and it provides up to 6 hours of light before it needs to be charged in the sun.  Here are some pictures of the people of Bahia and their new lights!

Las Olas bring lights

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