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Instagram Posts – May – August 2019

Instagram post by General Manager David Maksymuik from May 2019 through August 2019 of work being done at Las Olas. To continue to see current post as they happen go to Instagram and search for davidmaksymuik.
August 13
Earth movement continues behind the Las Playas community preparing the hillside for condominium construction.
August 13
Looking down the Las Playas community row G oceanfront home locations. Home construction will be ready to commence shortly in this area. This will add to the fifteen homes and clubhouse currently under construction.
August 13
The clubhouse walls are going up quickly as they install the electric and plumbing throughout the house. It promises to be a great place to workout, dine and just relax.
August 8
Vista al Mar community row F retaining wall is almost to the end. Currently rows D, E and F are getting closer to completion. Next up will be the retaining walls for the Las Playas community rows E, F and G.
August 8
Another foundation being completed. Currently in various stages of construction on fifteen home and the clubhouse.
August 8
The terracing behind the oceanfront homes is now nearing completion. Approximately three days left. Next step will be to install infrastructure and to begin constructing homes.
August 8
The clubhouse walls in the process of being erected. The next will be to install the electrical and plumbing into the walls before applying the cement.
July 26
If you are wondering where all that dirt goes that is being removed from the Las Playas community…it travels back to the Aldea Ecolocica community to form the foundation on which those home will be built. Completing two projects at the same time.
July 26
Two more homes in the Vista al Mar community will have their foundation poured this week. Bring the total of foundations to be poured this week to five.
July 26
Another row VM-A Vista al Mar home is having the foundation work completed. We are still on schedule to have fifteen homes and the clubhouse ready for occupancy this fall.
July 26
Work on the retaining wall for VM-D started a little later, but is shorter and should move quickly. Next the crews are expected to move to the retaining walls for Las Playas community rows LP-E and LP-F.
July 26
Retaining wall for VM-F is also making great advances as well. Both the retaining walls for row E &F are advancing ahead of schedule.
July 26
Work continues on the retaining wall for row VM-E. It is nearing the full length and is ahead of schedule. Lot’s of concrete will be poured next week.
July 25
Fourteen dump trucks moving final level of dirt from oceanfront platform before construction of oceanfront homes begins.
July 21
Getting ready for tomorrow’s work. Fourteen dump trucks moving dirt from the oceanfront to the Ecological community.
July 20
Yesterday at the site you can see me taking a picture from the Oceanfront lot number 1G which is at the ending elevation. The excavator show how much dirt is left to move to be at grade. If you look to the right you see how much work has been done. We started way at the top.
July 19
Terracing work behind the oceanfront homes is nearing completion. We are one cut away from being at grade and ready to start installation of infrastructure and the construction of homes.
July 19
Road work is ongoing for the route that leads behind the Vista al Mar community to the hillside condominiums. The view from the condominiums is going to be spectacular!
July 14
The initial clubhouse is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by September/October. It will include a dining area, lounge area, game room, library, pool, hot tub and gym. It will also have three rooms for guests to stay.
July 2
The view from the back of a home located in the Vista al Mar community on lot VM-2A. You can see Ceibo Valley Golf Course hole number 15 and the ocean as it’s backdrop.
June 27
I am standing on Las Playas lot LP-10F. Below you can see the Oceanfront lots, the Beachfront lots, the 15th green of Ceibo Valley golf course and the coastline beyond. Not a bad view!
June 27
Las Playas rows E and F located directly behind the beach club are shown here at grade. The beach club parking lot can been seen in the lower left area of the photo and behind the parking lot we can see the rise to Las Playas row F lots 1 to 5 on the first level and behind that row F lots 6 to 10.
June 27
After 20 straight days of 6:00am to 6:00pm work, the heavy equipment stopped working for a five day break. The operators left yesterday afternoon to visit their families and the maintenance crews moved in to provide the equipment some maintenance.
June 26
The row E retaining wall is moving along ahead of schedule. Through hiring outside crews for the specific job they work longer hours and weekends to ensure they get paid quickly and move on to another wall. The ability to earn more money is a great motivator!
June 20
Finishing of the grading of rows E and F behind the beach in the Las Playas community. The views from this community are truly spectacular! A few more days of work should have it completed.
June 17
The dunes on Ceibo Valley Golf Course.
June 13
This photo shows the grading work going on behind the oceanfront homes located in Las Playas row G. Most of the time we have two large bulldozers and between two and four excavators working in this area. We expect this area completed in 40 more work days. While the rock slows us down, it also provides maximum protection to the community.
June 13
Las Olas Ecuador heavy equipment is hard at work behind the beach club where it is grading lots in the Las Playas community rows E and F. Through 27 twelve hour days with three excavators, two large bulldozers and five dump trucks we are 30 days away from the area being at grade.
June 13
Another foundation being prepared. Each home under construction takes 61 days to bring to grey state using a crew of nine workers. Homes on row VM-A lot’s 1,5,8 are completed and just have some final touches. Homes on lots 2 and 3 are at grey state. Homes on lots 4, 6, 7, 12 and 29 are at various stages of being completed to grey state. Homes on VM-D lots 4, 6, 8 and 10 are also moving towards the completion of grey state. And the clubhouse and beach front guard house are also under construction.
June 13
Work on the retaining wall for Vista al Mar row F.
June 13
The retaining wall for row E continues moving along. It is a long very labour intensive process using a crew of 15 workers.
June 10
Foundation being poured for one of the homes currently under construction on row D of the Vista al Mar community. We are in the process of building fifteen homes the beach club and guardhouse.
June 8
Pouring cement for the first section of the Vista al Mar retaining wall E. There are three retaining walls under construction right now. Each wall has a crew of 15 workers.
June 7
Another big excavators arriving at property this morning equipped with both a ripper and bucket to deal with the more stubborn rock areas.
June 7
After working 20 straight days from 6 am to 6 pm the heavy equipment took a five day break for rest and maintenance. Today the operators arrived back to work at 6am for another 20 straight days work from 6:00am to 6pm.
June 7
Construction on the foundation for a home on row A of Vista al Mar under construction. From start to grey state is expected to take 61 days.
May 31
Raising the area that we will create our own protected beach by 3 meters before covering it in sand.
May 25
Saturday at Las Olas is still full steam ahead even on an Ecuadorian long weekend. The heavy equipment works eleven hours a day seven days a week for twenty straight days and then takes fives days off to rest and do maintenance on the equipment.
May 24
Row E retaining wall two days later. Each retaining wall takes 12 weeks to construct we have three separate teams working on three different retaining walls at this time. Retaining walls are what gives Las Olas the ability to offer every home in the community an incredible ocean and golf course view at the same time!
May 21
The work at Las Olas on the retaining wall for row E of the Vista al Mar community has just gotten underway.
May 21

Over twenty pieces of heavy equipment sculpting Las Olas Ecuador today. Here we see three big bulldozers, two excavators and a bunch of dump trucks at work behind the beach club in Las Playas rows E and F. This area should be at grade in 10 weeks.
May 15
Randy Russ, myself and our team inspecting the lift station that will pump to the waste water treatment plant.
May 14
Twenty pieces of heavy equipment working around the property this morning. The sun was shining and the water was a nice turquoise.
May 13
Las Olas heavy equipment heading to work this fine Monday morning. Looking forward to a busy few weeks of 12 hour days, seven days a week.
May 8
The government of Ecuador has shown its strong support for international projects through its new partnership with Las Olas Ecuador. CFN, the largest development bank in Ecuador and is government owed, has provided Las Olas a substantial low interest loan designed to further enhance the project while creating a significant number of new jobs in the community. 
Las Olas Ecuador is a resort community created to provide healthy beachfront living along the stunning central coast of Ecuador. When completed, Las Olas will be home to over 1,600 homes and condominiums, eco-friendly sustainable living and amenities such as world-class golf, a 650 acre nature reserve complete with horseback riding, walking, biking trails, an equestrian centre, tennis, fitness centres, health club & spa and multiple shops & restaurants. 
With incredible year round weather, a very low cost of living, great heath care, warm friendly people and so many things to do, Ecuador and Las Olas should be at the top of your list.

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