Construction with Hormi2

All homes at Las Olas are being constructed using an innovative building technique called Hormi2 construction. Hormi2 has been used to construct homes, condominiums, and office buildings across the world for over 30 years. By choosing Hormi2, Las Olas will be able to ensure the quality of construction is maintained at the highest levels of quality and consistency. Hormi2 also allows Las Olas to reduce the construction time of your home.

What is Hormi2?

Hormi2 is a modern reinforced concrete construction system formed by modular panels. These panels are made of polystyrene a material that is highly acoustic. The system came into existence through the Italian brand Emmedue in conjunction with Mutulista Pichincha in Ecuador which became known as PANECONS. This system has been approved and used for the past 30 years with 54 locations in 5 continents. Their mission is to create products in the area of construction that offers safety, comfort, quality, and are economic with low environmental impact.

What are the advantages of Hormi2?


It’s a system that works seismoresistant, like a box where all the elements of walls and slabs support the quake.

Thermal Insulation

It is a thermal insulator because it uses expanded polystyrene panels which maintains its comfortable and stable temperatures.

Sound Insulation

Isolates the sound as it contains a material that absorbs high frequency, low, and medium.  Providing an undisturbed environment.


Due to the fact that it becomes reinforced concrete walls, they cannot be destroyed in case of vandalism, theft, or fire.

What are the construction advantages of Hormi2?

The Hormi2 system offers several advantages for Las Olas. Time saving, cost reduction, quality of construction, solidity, earthquake resistant, durability, versatility, thermal, sound insulation, and ease of use being applicable in all types of construction.


Using an expanded polystyrene core, the m2 of the panel weighs 6 kg/m2 making it easy for maneuverability and handling.

Construction Speed

The system can save up to 40% on down time.

Easy Construction

It’s an easy system of transportation and installation. It improves performance of personnel, and there is a reduction of specialized personnel. Moreover, in the construction process does not require pricking or resurfacing.


Having a steel mesh welded to each side, after each are coated with a micro concrete, the system offers a high resistance that transmits security and strength to be a seismoresistant spatial structure.


Fits any constructive detail, regardless of architecture, giving the builder diverse applications, even in difficult operating conditions or in adverse weather conditions.

Saving Materials

Provides significant savings by reducing the use of formwork, wood, structure, nails, etc., which contributes directly to lower housing costs.

Cleaning Work

Considerably reduces the evacuation of waste and garbage generated, making it a cleaner work.

Low Time Investment

The speed of construction allows the work to be delivered in less time, which also allows the recovery of money faster.