We are pleased to announce that the installation of our fiber optic network has begun. It was with careful consideration that we chose a fiber optic network versus the traditional cable network comprised of copper wires. A fiber optic network is…



Faster internet than cable

A fiber optic network provides much greater internet speeds. A traditional wired network serving typical Ecuador homes generally limits internet speeds to about 3 megabits per second. A fiber optic network on the other hand gives Las Olas speeds up to 20 times as fast.

 …Long Range!

Longer ranges of up to 25 miles

A traditional cable network has a limited effective range of about 3 miles. A fiber Optic network, depending on the connection type, can have an effective range of up to 25 miles. This increase in range allows Las Olas Ecuador to bring in a high-quality network from the highway all the way down to the beach.

…More Secure!

More secure than cable connections

A fiber optic network is a far more secure network. It is a fairly simple process to tap into a wire connection, which in this day and age of cyber threats can be cause for alarm. With a fiber network, tapping into it is very difficult. Even If someone were to somehow accomplish it, the intrusion is almost immediately detected and can be addressed much quicker.

…Sturdier and More Reliable!

Sturdier and more reliable than copper wire

A cable network is much more susceptible to inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, and of particular importance to Las Olas, moisture. In addition, a copper wire can only sustain about 25 pounds of pressure before the cable becomes compromised where a fiber optic cable can withstand 100-200 pounds of pressure.  


Fiber optic cable on Pajonal Road at the main entrance of Las Olas

For the residents of Las Olas Ecuador, they will be the beneficiary of this network in several ways. First, all residents will have fast and reliable internet speeds as well as a large range of television programming. They will also benefit from Las Olas managing the proper installation of the network, ensuring routine maintenance is conducted, and then, if it does fail, that repairs are done in an expedited manner.

So, For those planning to retire in Ecuador this is just another reason to call Las Olas your home. Contact us today for more information!