Have you entered our Facebook contest yet?  There are some really amazing prizes to be won, from Tagua jewelry, hand painted ceramic Eduardo Vega items, hand-woven Panama hats and everyone’s all time favorite…true Ecuadorian chocolate, to name a few.

We launched a contest where one lucky winner will stand a chance of winning a hamper of beautiful Ecuadorian products.  One of many items that you will be able to win is three sets of Tagua necklaces with matching earrings from Sosote or better known as ‘Tagua Town’, which is a 50 minute drive from Las Olas Ecuador.

Tagua is a palm tree nut that is only found on Tagua Palm trees and this is what is used to produce Tagua jewelry, it is also known as ‘natural ivory’.  It has the same consistency and look as the ivory you and I know, but it is naturally produced.

We have a three sets of matching necklaces and earrings to win in our Facebook contest which will make one lucky person very happy.  It is easy to enter, just follow the link, answer a few questions and click on Submit.


The contest ends on April 30th at 17h00 (EST), so make sure you get your entry in before then.