2.5 billionEcuador news magazine – Guayaquil, March 27, (Andes).– in 2016, the 16 megaprojects of irrigation, potable water resources, and flood control will be completed and ready in Ecuador, at a cost of 2.5 billion USD, stated Walter Solís, director of the National Secretariat of Water (Senagua, Spanish acronym), created in 2008 to promote hydro-development in the country.

The functionary reminded that Senagua took over the Commission of Studies for the Development of the Guayas River Basin (Cedegé, Spanish acronym), Hydro Resources Committee (JRH, Spanish Acronym), Center of Economic Restructuring of Azuay (CREA, Spanish acronym), among other organizations created in the last 20 to 30 years, in order to undertake projects of flood control, irrigation, potable water, etc.

Among the unfinished projects, Solís pointed out the multipurpose Chone plan, designed 32 years ago to control floods and irrigation resources in the Manabí province, which will be ready in December of this year at a cost of 50,000,000 USD. “With this project, we are going to mitigate floods in the Chone canton, benefiting more than 20 thousand families. Furthermore, it will supply irrigation to 2,250 hectares. There will also be a crude water component for the purification plant through an exclusive, aqueduct system,” he detailed.

The Chongón-San Vicente Project, designed 35 years ago, will be finished next December with a cost of 39,000,000 USD. “A reservoir was constructed 12 years ago, but the water component to fill it was never finished. We are also completing this and we will finish it at the end of this year, thanks to the political will of this government,” reminded Solís.

The National Secretary of Water mentioned the Dauvín water bypass, which will irrigate 177 thousand hectares in Guayas and Los Rios, in the canton zones of Daule, Balzar, and Vinces. The project will be finished in November of 2014, at a cost of 190,000,000 USD.

Flood control in the basin below the Guayas, Naranjal, El Triunfo, and Cañar rivers is one theme that will also be attended to by the Government of the Citizen’s Revolution. There are three plans that are being carried out with funds approaching 600,000,000 USD, and they will be ready in the middle of 2014 and 2015, respectively.