Pascal Laflamme, Head of Marketing at Las Olas, Loses Wife and Son in Quake

18th April 2016 by David Maksymuik, Co-founder of Las Olas Ecuador

As news breaks around the world about the biggest earthquake to hit Ecuador in decades, it is with a heavy heart that we confirm one of our employees and dearest friends, Pascal Laflamme, was affected badly by the earthquake.

On Saturday evening, at about 7pm an earthquake hit, killing his wife Jennifer and 12-year old son, Arthur, in the chaos.  Pascal and his daughter, Laurie-Ann, survived and were able to flee to a friend’s house. They sustained minor injuries and are being cared for.

Everyone else in our community is accounted for, but at present we have little further information about the quake.  We are doing everything in our power to assist at this tragic time, and our sincere condolences go out to Pascal’s family, and those of the 272 other people confirmed dead throughout Ecuador.

Furthermore, we have gone out to the Las Olas site to assess the damage and we can confirm that there was minimal damage. Arriving at the site we found it to be a beautiful morning with no visible effects at all. I was impressed that our loyal security team had remained at their posts all night. In fact, the only evidence of the tragic earthquake at all was some poles and pipes knocked over from their stacks.

The retaining walls where straight and true, the terraces suffered no damage, and even the trenches dug for the foundation and piers didn’t suffer at all.

The roads to Manta are virtually unaffected, with the exception of one spot just outside Bahia. In Manta, there were areas that received significant damage with the collapse of four or five floor buildings, and some areas that only had minor damage.

The hospital in Manta had a temporary emergency and treatment center set up, with tents in the parking lots. Less serious patients where in beds in the parking lot under tents. All in all, the hospital was well organized, well run and the medical staff extremely professional and competent. They even served food to all the families waiting with patients.

We will provide information and updates as we receive them about the situation here.