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Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños

If there is a place in Ecuador where you can do it all, it just might be Baños.


Our American friends Debbie and Larry, owners and part of the Las Olas Ecuador family, visited this wonderful valley located at the skirts of the volcano Tungurahua and had a blast getting around…

Baños de Agua Santa or The Holy Water Baths, is the town’s full name where more than 60 waterfalls cascade from the slopes of the volcano, creating steaming thermal mineral springs that are a treat for the body and soul.

At 5,900 feet above the sea level, Baños is a popular tourist destination for both international and Ecuadorian visitors. This city is also known as the Gateway to the Amazon due to its proximity to the jungle and other towns situated at the Amazon River basin. It is also one of the main highland’s destination for mountain-biking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, and all kind of extreme sports.

On the other hand it is a wonderful place to relax and walk on scenic paths surrounded by lush forests, a rich vegetation, flowers, fruits, exotic birds and friendly people. Is considered one of the safest towns in Ecuador. Here you can visit the Virgin Mary church, go to the zoo, shop for local handcrafts and even party. The night life here is highly appreciated! There are so many good restaurants, too! Food varieties range from Vegetarian to French cuisine and the prices range from $10 to $45 a meal.

Debbie and Larry truly enjoyed their adventure in Baños and would love to go back sometime soon. They gave us their recommendations for those who would like to visit, “Just take a backpack along with you so you can have water and a sweater or a light jacket because you don´t know exactly how the temperature is going to be like. We actually overdressed! Layering is very important there because it’s very cool in the morning and at night, but you get that warmth throughout the day. Take comfortable shoes and sunblock, for sure!”

Baños was a memorable experience for our friends from

Las Olas Ecuador.

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