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Creating Las Olas – Grading the Oceanfront Communities

DSC_0929One of the very special feature at Las Olas is the master plan design of the oceanfront communities put forth by Las Olas Master Plan Architect Maurcio Jarre.

The oceanfront communities of Las Playas and Vista al Mar have been designed whereby each row of houses as you move further away from the ocean is higher than the row directly in front of it. This provides each group of homes with terrific views of the ocean.

It would have been easy to just send bulldozers in and plow everything flat like so many other oceanfront communities do. It is both cheaper and less time consuming. However, what you are left with is one row of homes having great ocean views while everyone else gets to stare at the home directly in front of it, maybe a peak at the ocean between houses if you are lucky. “That makes no sense to me” says Mauricio, “with a little work and imagination you are able to create oceanfront communities in which every house has amazing views.”

TRetaining Wall 2hat is exactly what Las Olas is currently doing. Each home level is higher than the level in front of it which will afford every home a fantastic view. It takes more time and money, but in the end it is well worth it. And if you are going to build a community for the residents, it’s details like this that make all the difference.

Las Olas is well into the process of grading each of the oceanfront sections. Once complete, Las Olas will complete the installation of basic services to each home.

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