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Construction Updates – Building Retaining Walls

Over the past several months, Las Olas has continued to build our unique terracing design that provides virtually every home in the oceanfront area a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, Ceibo Valley Golf Course or both. While this creative design has been time-consuming to construct, we believe this is just one of the many features that makes Las Olas stand out.    

Las Olas is entering a new phase with the start of construction of the retaining walls for each terrace and the installation of underground utilities. Once completed, home construction begins.

Our team started building the first 1.75 meter high retaining wall between the first and second row of golf course homes in the Vista al Mar community. This retaining wall will stand 1.0 meters above grade and be just under 500 meters in length.  This first row of golf course houses, overlooking the 16th fairway with a view at the Pacific ocean, will be first homes to be built in the Las Olas community.

The next step will be to start pouring the foundation of the first houses.  To insure optimized stability of the structure, we will drill piers under each home to support each foundation and ensure any earth movement will not affect the home. Just another feature that makes Las Olas unique.

Many prospective buyers have asked us questions about how we will be treating wastewater at Las Olas. The greywater will be recycled along with the wastewater in four wastewater treatment facilities located throughout the property. Each facility will be buried underground to prevent any negative visual effect and will produce recycled water that will be used to irrigate the horse pastures and golf course.

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12 August - 1st

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