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Client Testimonial: Lisa & Alfred – San Antonio, Texas

This is our second trip to Ecuador so we had already eliminated several coastal areas.  We fell in love with the beauty, safety, walkability and expat community in Bahia.  After renting for several months, we decided we wanted to live on the beach but until we toured the property and heard the plans for Las Olas, we couldn’t find anything we liked.  What sold us beyond the beauty of the location and the eco features of the development is the fact that you live here with your family and that both you and your family have been available to us to not only show us around, but to answer our many (many, many) questions and address our concerns.  One thing that really stood out is that you have title insurance which you cannot get unless you have clear title to your property!  Thanks for putting up with us!– Lisa and Alfred, San Antonio, Texas

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