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Ceibo Valley Golf Course Update

The Ceibo Valley Golf Course is progressing very nicely. The course is shaping up to be everything that we had expected it would be. As holes where initially cleared, the whole construct team was constantly amazed by how great each looked without any shaping work done at all.

Golf Course Architect Kris Savignac is supervising the construction of the golf course personally to ensure that the construction team builds the course to his exact specifications. Together, Kris and the shaper seem to agree that they have not seen such a perfect location for a world-class golf course that also requires so little earth movement. The fairways are already there, they have natural undulations, bumps and rolls so all that’s needed is a little bit of refinement. Likewise, the green locations that have been selected also sit naturally in the surrounding terrain. Only three or four greens on the entire course will require any significant shaping. This means that the construction time for the golf course is much less than typical courses of this caliber.


DSC_0846DSC_0982Current shaping is being done on holes three, five and six. Holes number one, two and seven are cut and now most of the work will be done by hand to insure that the natural terrain does not get disturbed. Very little work will be required on any of their green or tee complexes.

DSC_0826Holes number ten and eleven are being prepared for shaping at the present time.

Over the course of the next few months we will show pictures and drawing of each hole and describe the design and playing strategy.

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