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Ceibo Valley Golf Course Construction Update

We recently added four new members to our golf construction team and we will be introducing to you shortly. The addition of these highly skilled and experienced professionals will help ensure that Ceibo Valley Golf Course enjoys the lofty reputation that we expect it to have.

Part of the design process includes testing the course using multiple players with an array of skill levels to ensure that the course is both challenging for the more seasoned players and has just the right balance of challenge enjoyable for everyone else. Players hit multiple balls from every tee box with the landing of each ball carefully reviewed with the objective of determining the ideal width of each fairway, the best position to locate bunkers and hazards.

12 August - 1st14th green (on right surrounded by stream) and 15th green (on left located on the edge of the beach)


Norbert Ceibo Valley GolfNorbert testing 16th hole blue tees shot for playability and bunker placement


ShapingShaping of 17th hole fairway


Kris Savignac Ceibo ValleyCeibo Valley architect Kris Savignac and David Maksymuik discussing 17th hole


Glenys Ceibo Valley 15 holeGlenys testing pink tees on the ocean front 15th hole


Darren Twilley Ceibo Valley 13 holePGA professional Darren Twilley testing approach shot on 13th hole


David 15th Ceibo Valley Gold TeesDavid testing gold tees on 15th hole (pond will be located directly in front of tee block)

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