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Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños

If there is a place in Ecuador where you can do it all, it just …[Read More…]

Meet Tim, one of Las Olas Ecuador’s newest owners!

Tim Humble, a professional chef and teacher, shared with us his experience as a new owner, how he knew about Ecuador and why he decided to choose Las Olas as his retiring destination.[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Michael & Susan Birkenshaw

I rarely make comment on the Las Olas Friends and Neighbors Facebook page mostly because …[Read More…]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Dan & Shelley – Vancouver

Dan and Shelley are originally from Vancouver and are looking for a second retirement home where …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Jane – Toronto, Ontario

After viewing your website and talking to you about your plans for Las Olas, I …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Lisa & Alfred – San Antonio, Texas

This is our second trip to Ecuador so we had already eliminated several coastal areas.  …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Ed & Angela – Lebanon, TN

Las Olas is situated in a beautiful setting, surrounded by hills and beach.  As I …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Randy & Jen – Ontario, Canada

We really want to thank the both of you and I guess we can’t forget …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Jeffrey Heath

I recently returned from my third visit to Las Olas to check on progress, and …[Read More…]

Client Testimonial: Brian & Robin Rosenburg

It was fate.  My wife went on a mission trip to Ecuador last year and enjoyed …[Read More…]

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