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Saving The Turtles of Manabí, Ecuador

Precious hatchlings of San Lorenzo... San Lorenzo is a small fishing village with a beautifully long beach in Manabí. Located only 15 minutes from the coastal city of Manta, and only about an hour and a half from Las Olas Ecuador, it is possibly the most important area on the entire coast of Ecuador for [...]

Saving The Turtles of Manabí, Ecuador2017-10-09T21:12:53-04:00

The Holy Wood

When a holy stick is burned, part of a 50 year old tree is burnt…. That is because  the Palo Santo is only harvested once it dies!   Wildcrafted and using sustainable practices, the harvested wood from a Palo Santo tree comes from fallen branches and trees that lie dead for 5 to 10 years. [...]

The Holy Wood2018-10-02T06:13:26-04:00

The Majestic Manabita Weaver

  An artist's dream... Entering the town of Montecristi, located just 20 minutes from Manta, in the roundabout, stands a colorful statue that really makes an impression due to its large size (15 mts high) and detailed craftsmanship. At first sight, it seems to be a fantasy of the artist (the sculptor Juan Sanchez)… a [...]

The Majestic Manabita Weaver2018-10-08T03:09:12-04:00

Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños

If there is a place in Ecuador where you can do it all, it just might be Baños.   Our American friends Debbie and Larry, owners and part of the Las Olas Ecuador family, visited this wonderful valley located at the skirts of the volcano Tungurahua and had a blast getting around… Baños de Agua Santa or [...]

Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños2017-08-31T13:16:21-04:00

Change in Ecuador’s Immigration Laws – The Human Mobility Act

We are pleased to announce that as of January 28, 2017, the government has made positive changes to make it easier to live part-time or full time in Ecuador!   Here are the details of the new laws as presented publicly so far.  It’s a little long and certain sections will require clarification and fees [...]

Change in Ecuador’s Immigration Laws – The Human Mobility Act2017-03-09T14:35:41-05:00

Las Olas Employees explore the Amazon

A group of Las Olas employees and friends head out to the Ecuadorian Amazon A group of 7 Las Olas owners/friends headed to the Ecuadorian Amazon a few weeks ago to visit the Kichwa community of San Virgilio in the Pastaza province.  This community, located about an hour’s drive from the city of Puyo, welcomes [...]

Las Olas Employees explore the Amazon2016-09-23T16:55:59-04:00

Las Olas Mother’s Day for earthquake victims

This past Sunday majority of the world celebrated their Mothers.  Las Olas and various members of the community had to make sure that our local mothers were also celebrated.  The aftermath of the earthquake experienced here in Ecuador has made it difficult for some families to show their moms exactly how much they mean to their [...]

Las Olas Mother’s Day for earthquake victims2016-05-11T13:23:22-04:00

Last chance to enter and WIN a hamper of Ecuadorian Products!

We are currently running a Facebook Contest where one lucky person can WIN a hamper filled with Ecuadorian products!  The contest will end on April 30th at 17h00 (EST), so be sure to get your entry in NOW! We’ve looked far and wide here in Ecuador to ensure we include products that you will love, [...]

Last chance to enter and WIN a hamper of Ecuadorian Products!2016-04-29T02:13:08-04:00
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