The Government of Ecuador partners with Las Olas

The government of Ecuador has shown its strong support for international projects through its new partnership with Las Olas Ecuador. CFN, the largest development bank in Ecuador and is government owed, has provided Las Olas a substantial low interest loan designed to further enhance the project while creating a significant number of new jobs in [...]

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The number one question we seem to get when it's time to choose a counter top is: "Which is better, granite or quartz?"  Well, we did some research and found a great article from Sebring Builders you can find here and we've also broken it down for you below.  We hope this helps with your decision!   [...]

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Now that Las Olas is satisfied with its building process and various material suppliers, home construction as Las Olas Ecuador has started to move at a much more expedient pace!   Las Olas currently has seven homes under construction as well as the beach club and is starting eight more homes shortly.  This will be [...]


Everyone likes a SNEAK PEEK!  

We know everyone likes a sneak peek into the interior of new homes! Well, here we have a few pics for you to feast your eyes on! With standard features such as... Granite/Quartz Counter Tops, In-sink Garbage Disposals, Real Hardwood Cabinets, Porcelain Tile, And Solar Power, Take a look at the interiors of some of [...]

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Saving The Turtles of Manabí, Ecuador

Precious hatchlings of San Lorenzo... San Lorenzo is a small fishing village with a beautifully long beach in Manabí. Located only 15 minutes from the coastal city of Manta, and only about an hour and a half from Las Olas Ecuador, it is possibly the most important area on the entire coast of Ecuador for [...]

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The Holy Wood

When a holy stick is burned, part of a 50 year old tree is burnt…. That is because  the Palo Santo is only harvested once it dies!   Wildcrafted and using sustainable practices, the harvested wood from a Palo Santo tree comes from fallen branches and trees that lie dead for 5 to 10 years. [...]

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Life In The Sun!

  Since Las Olas Ecuador is located at the equator where sunlight is plentiful all year round, providing energy for both the solar power system and the solar thermal hot water heater is better than anywhere else in the world!   What it is... Our solar energy power system is composed of solar panels... [...]

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The Majestic Manabita Weaver

  An artist's dream... Entering the town of Montecristi, located just 20 minutes from Manta, in the roundabout, stands a colorful statue that really makes an impression due to its large size (15 mts high) and detailed craftsmanship. At first sight, it seems to be a fantasy of the artist (the sculptor Juan Sanchez)… a [...]

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