The Majestic Manabita Weaver

  An artist's dream... Entering the town of Montecristi, located just 20 minutes from Manta, in the roundabout, stands a colorful statue that really makes an impression due to its large size (15 mts high) and detailed craftsmanship. At first sight, it seems to be a fantasy of the artist (the sculptor Juan Sanchez)… a [...]

The Majestic Manabita Weaver2018-10-08T03:09:12-04:00

The Perfect Window… of Opportunity

  When building your dream home, there are many factors that must be considered in terms of evaluating the quality and comfort you want while enjoying your private sanctuary. Some obvious items that you might want to consider are: the climate you desire to live in, the type of views that you want to have, [...]

The Perfect Window… of Opportunity2018-09-27T05:57:22-04:00

Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños

If there is a place in Ecuador where you can do it all, it just might be Baños.   Our American friends Debbie and Larry, owners and part of the Las Olas Ecuador family, visited this wonderful valley located at the skirts of the volcano Tungurahua and had a blast getting around… Baños de Agua Santa or [...]

Debbie & Larry’s Trip To Baños2017-08-31T13:16:21-04:00

To Pier or Not to Pier…

  As many of you are aware, the homes at Las Olas Ecuador sit on drilled piers. In consulting with numerous engineers, we were told repeatedly that we don’t “need” drilled piers at our community. So why take the extra time and effort to build drilled piers when we don’t have to?     Easy!! [...]

To Pier or Not to Pier…2018-09-27T06:07:52-04:00

Fiber Optic vs. Cable at Las Olas

We are pleased to announce that the installation of our fiber optic network has begun. It was with careful consideration that we chose a fiber optic network versus the traditional cable network comprised of copper wires. A fiber optic network is...   ...Faster!  Faster internet than cable A fiber optic network provides much [...]

Fiber Optic vs. Cable at Las Olas2017-08-21T16:22:07-04:00

Change in Ecuador’s Immigration Laws – The Human Mobility Act

We are pleased to announce that as of January 28, 2017, the government has made positive changes to make it easier to live part-time or full time in Ecuador!   Here are the details of the new laws as presented publicly so far.  It’s a little long and certain sections will require clarification and fees [...]

Change in Ecuador’s Immigration Laws – The Human Mobility Act2017-03-09T14:35:41-05:00
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