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Hi everyone, welcome to our first Blog post. We will update our Blog regularly with information about Ecuador, Bahia de Caraquez and of course Las Olas.

The weather this morning mainly overcast with the sun breaking through now and then. It is a comfortable 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) at 10:30am.

After months of talking to Expats about Ecuador and Las Olas, we decided to redesign our website to provide the reliable information about Ecuador that they have asked for in one easy to find spot. We are pleased to launch its new website designed to provide you with interesting information about Ecuador, Las Olas, healthy living and social issues.

You will now find stimulating articles about what’s happening around Ecuador. News stories that discuss its economy, its politics, its social issues and Ecuador on the world stage. Pieces about travel and tourism, North Americans and Europeans migration to Ecuador and real life stories about life in Ecuador can be found in its “Ecuador Insights” section.

Valuable information about the lifestyle, traveling and how to come to Ecuador can be found in the “Ecuador Information” section. This section will be regularly updated with new information designed to help you travel to and around Ecuador, moving to Ecuador and about living in Ecuador. You will find helpful information about shipping personal goods from North America, health insurance, getting a Visa, residency and special deals and pricing related to all the above.

On the site you will now find a chat board, a place to post comments and provide suggestions to others. As Las Olas grows its vision, you will have an opportunity to help us grow through providing valuable suggestions and feedback, voting on a variety of issues like floor plans, amenities, environmental and social issues.

And of course you will find information about Las Olas Ecuador, our Vision, our Community, and our Lifestyle.

We would like to welcome you to our Blog and Las Olas!

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