Outstanding beauty!

Las Olas Ecuador prides itself in the fact that it has it’s own 650-acre Private Nature Reserve.  Endless hiking, biking and horse riding trails through the nature reserve where you can explore and spend many hours birdwatching or simply enjoy the scenic surroundings while having a picnic with family and friends.

The Nature Reserve will have:

  • Walking, biking and horseback riding trails
  • Over 12 miles of trails, from the top of the mountain ridge, to the bottom of the valley and the slopes in between
  • Amazing nature and wildlife to see, including a wide range of bird species
  • Multiple viewpoints and picnic areas overlooking the ocean and valley

The nature reserve is accessible from 3 different entry points located throughout the property which links into the Las Olas communities.  The Nature Reserve is a very important part of our vision, as we are committed to preserving our natural environment!

The Ceibo Trees

These amazingly eye catching trees are unique to our area in Manabí .

The Ceibo (SAY-bo) tree only has leaves during the rainy season – around late December to April. They are drought deciduous trees and have green photosynthetic bark that contain chlorophyll to cope throughout the year with no rain.

Due to the fragile and life sustaining nature of the bark, while a Ceibo tree is young it has spikes all over its trunk. As it ages the spikes slowly recede.

The tree blooms a lovely furry flower which then turns into a seed pod surrounded by Kapok. Kapok is fluff used to carry seeds over distances. It is super soft yet has water resistant and buoyant qualities due to a waxy coating on the silky fluff. In the past it was harvested for making life preservers as well as pillows, beds and much more. Currently it is only harvested in small amounts locally for making pillows and a few other items.

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