The perks of a Las Olas Ecuador resident: Private Beach!

At Las Olas Ecuador we have sculptured our own private beach spanning a mile long.  Situated in front of the Beach Club giving you the most spectacular ocean view.

The sand on the beach is very compact which enables you to do many activities on the beach, from playing beach golf, Bocce ball or taking out your SUV and going for a drive.  When it is low tide you will be able to drive all the way to Bahia or St Clemente or if you enjoy running you could do that too.

A perfect setting to have those beautiful sunsets whilst enjoying a meal from the Beach Club or taking your dog out for a stroll or enjoying a ride with your horse.

Bocce ball anyone?

The sport is played with one small ball and eight larger balls, four for each team.  The Pallino (smaller ball) is thrown first and becomes the target.  Then each Bocce is thrown with the goal of placing it as close to the
Pallino as possible.

The sand on the public beach in front of Las Olas is generally hard packed right to the ocean’s edge with a gentle slope making it perfect for walking, running, riding or even for a friendly game of Bocce Ball.

Paddle Boarding is great exercise…

Due to the ocean currents that meet directly off the coast from Las Olas the water is warm all year round and suitable for morning, afternoon or evening swims.

Horseback riding on the beach is truly magical!

If riding on the beach below the cliffs of the Pajonal Coast of Ecuador doesn’t keep your spirits up then nothing will.  Enjoy a day horse riding on the beach or go for a sunset beach ride.

Surfs Up!

The waves range from gentle during parts of the year to surf-able during the months of January to March.  Catching some waves with friends is hard work but fun!

Now for something completely different … beach golf

The residents of Las Olas have created an entirely new way to play golf while waiting for their course to be ready.

The activity opportunities are endless!!!

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