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Aldea Ecológica

Aldea Ecologica


Tucked in between two mountains, surrounded by over 500 acres of nature reserve: filled with countless plant diversity, hundreds of bird species, and an abundant wildlife, rests the Las Olas’s ecological village, Aldea Ecologica.  Nature calls to you in the form of exotic birds, colorful butterflies, and sweetly scented tropical flowers.

This community is a “stunning escape from it all” with tranquil surroundings and nothing but the sounds of nature to fill your ears. Spacious homes tucked among the hills will be sure to please anyone looking to be one with nature.

These uniquely created and eco-designed homes showcase the magnificence of the unspoiled terrain and convincingly blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Many ecological writers have remarked that what we know, we do not fear, and what we do not fear, we learn to love and respect. This is what happens to those who live in this paradise. They fall in love with the natural landscape that Aldea Ecologica has preserved for the wildlife.



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