Coastal Living inspired by the past, devoted to the future!

The way we remember it! Las Olas will develop pocket communities where:

  • Neighbors are on a first-name basis
  • Have open spaces shared by neighbors
  • Include common gardens and courtyards
  • Streets are pedestrian and golf cart only
  • Surrounding neighbors have sense of ownership
  • Casual conversations and friendly nods are the norm
  • Cars are parked on perimeter
  • Fits in with natural surrounding
  • Offers many activities and clubs
  • Residents feel the pride of community ownership
  • Residents feel safe and secure

This community is one where homes are built to the highest standards…yours. Where sustainable living is a lifestyle. The goal is to reduce an individual or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources and his/her own resources. Where features like solar thermal hot water and solar powered energy are in every home. Eco-waste water treatment and recycling systems that protect the environment, are standard. Ours is a community where “sustainable living” are not just words, but a conscious choice.

At Las Olas, we’re committed to preserving the environment. Our community has its own waste water treatment plant, thus fostering a sustainable community.

Las Olas will have its own sea water desalination plant. The sea water will be treated and then pumped up to two separate water storage tanks situated on the mountain tops to sufficiently pressurize the distribution of the potable water to the entire community.

An important way we care for our environment is by treating the waste water that is generated. At Las Olas treated water is recycled and used for watering the grounds; furthermore, the sewage sludge is used as compost for the gardens throughout the community.

Las Olas is its own little slice of paradise, sharing over 20 kilometres of the most scenic and undisturbed beaches in all of Ecuador. A  gated community where 80% of the property remains green space.

For this and many other reasons it is a priority to protect the environment of this area.

Caring for the environment is the responsibility of all those who inhabit the planet.