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14 Day Tour

Join us as our tour showcases the very best real estate offerings Ecuador has to offer.  We will introduce you to established expat communities and trusted real estate agents and opportunities.   While the tour is expected to last 10 days, there will be plenty of time for sightseeing, rest, and relaxation!

Day One

After arriving in Quito you will be treated to a tour of Ecuador’s capital city.  This tour includes visits to the old town, the churches, and the Equator National Park.

Day Three

Off to Cotacachi with stunning beauty and great leather shopping, followed by a stop at Ecuador’s largest market in Otavalo and, of course, viewing real estate offers.

Day Five

A drive through the Andes Mountains will take you to the beautiful coast of Ecuador.  Along the way, real estate stops include the coastal towns of Jama and Canoa; ending the day in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador’s hidden coastal gem.

Day Seven

Spend the day enjoying the markets and the shops in Bahia.  Not to be missed is the fascinating museum detailing the rich history of this lush area.  Take a drive along the beach to visit the Las Olas Ecuador resort development.  Experience the tranquil and secluded beach and all that Las Olas has to offer.  Bring your bathing suit and treat yourself to a swim in the warm Pacific water that boarders Las Olas!

Day Eight

Will lead us down the coast to the fastest growing city in Ecuador, Manta. On the way we will stop in the charming coastal villages of San Clemente, Crucita, and Montecristi (home of the world famous Panama hats) to check out the towns and the real estate.

Day Nine

Continuing on the drive down the coast to Salinas, we will be stopping in towns such as San Lorenzo, Puerto Lopez, and Montanita.  As the sun sets, we will dine in Salinas, where we will spend the night.

Day Ten

Relax, sit on the beach, read a book, and enjoy your beverage of choice!  If you would like to go look at real estate in the area, we are happy to assist you.

Day Eleven

We will be traveling to the beautiful city of Cuenca, along the way we will stop first in Playas then in the cosmopolitan city of Guayaquil .

Day Twelve

Spend the day visiting the churches, viewing the wonderful architecture, shopping, and enjoying one of the many restaurants Cuenca has to offer.

Day Thirteen

Your choice of traveling to the walkable town of Loja.  The countryside surrounding Loja is dramatic and beautiful, with green mountain peaks, idyllic valleys, and picturesque rivers. Those interested in larger lot or farmland will find that here.  The nearby town of Vilcabamba is popular with expats as well, with a warm climate and a charming and pleasant rural village atmosphere.

Option two is to explore Paute. Paute is about a 45-minute scenic drive from Cuenca.  Many expats enjoy the lower elevation, warmer climate, and small town (very inexpensive) way of life.

Option three is to see the many real estate offerings in Cuenca.

Day Fourteen

Fly from Cuenca back to Quito and onward home.

Tours are conducted with a bilingual host in an comfortable, air-conditioned transportation.  Custom tours will also be available depending on your interest, including medical and adventure tourism.

Please contact us to learn more about our tours and to reserve your spot.

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