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Las Olas’s 2,000 square feet homes are built for comfort and convenience. With five different models to choose from we are sure that one will fit your lifestyle. Each model also has a selection of different roof designs to choose from. Each home has a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a second bedroom with its own three-piece bathroom and a two piece guest bathroom.

The 5 different models are all equipped with the enhanced features which includes split unit air conditioners, granite counter tops, an appliance package, and an outdoor kitchen. With these homes you have the option of having a double garage, built-in pool, hot tub, and solar panels.

Las Olas is committed to ecological energy conservation. The windows and doors in each home are strategically located to achieve maximum cross ventilation. Green roofing systems reduce storm water runoff and help regulate indoor temperature. Gray water recycling systems store and provide water for the roof, yard, and surrounding landscape. Low flush toilets, energy-efficient appliances and solar thermal collectors to provide hot water are standard in all homes.

Whatever lifestyle you want to have, we are confident that you will find a Las Olas home that is just right for you!

Home 1Y


As you walk into a 1Y home, you will enter a short hallway that takes you into an open-plan area.  In this open-plan area is the kitchen at 142.82 square feet (12.27 m2) that sits at the entrance of the home next to the laundry room.  In the center of the home we have a little waiting room linked to the dining room.  The living room is located in the back of the house at 390.19 square feet (36.25 m2) with an amazing view.  The patio deck is divided by the living room into two; the right side that can be used for socializing and the left for cooking in its outside kitchen.  The home has two additional bedrooms, each with its individual bathrooms. Its master bedroom is located on the left side of the house at 196.87 square feet (18.29 m2) with a walk-in closet and master bathroom.  

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1Y (I) (Copy)Home Specifications

Main Room          31’6″ X 14’5″

Kitchen                   9’1″ X 13’10″

Master Bedroom 11’7″ X 16’10″

Bedroom 2            11’7″ X 5’1″

Bedroom 3           8’2″ X 5’1″

Master Bathroom 11’7″ X 10’9″

Bathroom 2             11’7 X 7’9″

Bathroom 3            6’4″ X 5’1″

Deck (x2)             11’11″ X 13’1″





Home 2Y
2B ok

The 2Y homes encompass three spacious bedrooms with plenty of room for sleep and storage.  There are three luxurious bathrooms and a stylish kitchen that flows through the ample dining room, living room, and private covered patio area.  Bedroom 2 and 3 have a shared bathroom equipped with two sinks.  The master bedroom sits on a 232.29 square feet (21.58 m2) complete with a walk-in closet and ensuite. The kitchen is linked to the laundry room with a space of 185.57 square feet (17.24 m2).



collage 3-1

collage 4-1

2Y (I) (Copy)Home Specifications

Main Room        22’11″ X 20’3″

Kitchen                  11’5″ X 16’4″

Master Bedroom 15’1″ X 15’7″

Bedroom 2           13’1″ X 10′

Bedroom 3          13’1″ X 10′

Master Bathroom 9’2″ X 10’1″

Bathroom 2         11’8″ X 5’11″

Bathroom 3          5’3″ X 6’6″

Deck                    23’3″ X 14’7″






Home 3Y


As you enter the 3Y home, you will see a gourmet, eat-in kitchen at 183.31 square feet (17.03 m2) and an “L” shaped area where the living room and dinning room are located.  The main room is on a spacious 381.69.67 square feet (35.46 m2) area.  The master bedroom is on a 228.52 square feet (17.03 m2) overlooking a wonderful view.  The guest bathroom is located behind the laundry room at the entrance of the home.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

collage 4-1

collage 6-1

3Y (I) (Copy)Home Specifications

Main Room       22’10″ X 16’

Kitchen                14’4″ X 12’9″

Master Bedroom 14’11″ X 15’3″

Bedroom 2             12’8 X 9’8″

Bedroom 3           12’8″ X 11’3″

Master Bathroom 9’2″ X 9’5″

Bathroom 2            11’8 X 5’11″

Bathroom 3           4’8″ X 6’6″

Deck                     23’5″ X 11’4″








Home 4Y

4 ok

As you walk into the front doors of the 4Y homes you will enter a large foyer that leads to a hallway where the three bedrooms are located.  To the right of the foyer is the main room, dining room, and kitchen area.  The main room with a 353.49 square feet (32.84 m2) along with the covered patio area are perfect for family gatherings and enjoying the sun.  The living room opens up to the kitchen, sitting on 140.79 square feet (13.08 m2).   The dining room has windows overlooking the patio deck, letting in a gorgeous morning sun making brunch extra enjoyable!  The master bedroom is on a 260 square feet (24.18 m2) area that has a view out to the beach.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

4Y (DI) - 1Home Specifications

Main Room          10’4″ X 27’4″

Kitchen                   8’4″ X 16’10″

Master Bedroom 17’7″ X 12’5″

Bedroom 2            12’4″ X 9’6″

Bedroom 3            12’4″ X 10’4″

Master Bathroom 14’3″ X 8’6″

Bathroom 2            10’7 X 5’7″

Bathroom 3            4’9″ X 5’11

Deck                        19’1″ X 16’11″





Home 5Y

At the entrance of the 5Y home there is a very roomy waiting room that sits in the middle of the hallway. Behind the waiting room we find a guest bathroom and utility room.  The kitchen is different from the other Y homes because it is the smallest one of them all at 111.19 square feet (10.33 m2), with a tiny island in the middle of the kitchen.  The main room is the second largest of all the Y homes at 395 square feet (36.69 m2).  The deck is wide and long, capable of holding as many guests as you would like to invite to watch the sunset go down.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

collage 4-1

collage 5-1

5Y (DI) -1Home Specifications

Main Room         24’8″ X 20’11″

Kitchen                 10’6″ X 10’5″

Master Bedroom 13’1″ X 14’2″

Bedroom 2             11’3 X 10’4″

Bedroom 3           11’3″ X 10’2″

Master Bathroom 13’3″ X 11’3″

Bathroom 2         13’3″ X 5’7″

Bathroom 3        6’10″ X 5’10″

Deck                    25’2″ X 13’1″


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