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1,720 square feet

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Las Olas’s 1,720 square foot homes are built for comfort and convenience. With five different models to choose from we are sure that one will fit your lifestyle. Each model also has a selection of different roof designs to select from. Each home has a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a second bedroom with its own three-piece bathroom and a two piece guest bathroom.

The 5 different models are all equipped with the enhanced features which includes split unit air conditioners, granite counter tops, an appliance package and an outdoor kitchen. With these homes you have the option of having a double garage, built-in pool, hot tub and solar panels.  In all of the 5 different models the master bedroom has a beachfront view.

Las Olas is committed to ecological energy conservation. The windows and doors in each home are strategically located to achieve maximum cross ventilation. Green roofing systems reduce storm water runoff and help regulate indoor temperature. Gray water recycling systems store and provide water for the roof, yard, and surrounding landscape. Low flush toilets, energy-efficient appliances, and solar thermal collectors are standard on all homes to provide hot water.

Whatever lifestyle you are looking for, we are confident that you will find a Las Olas home that is just right for you!

Home 1Z

2 ok

As you enter a Las Olas 1Z home, you will find a beautiful living room at 297.30 square feet (27.62 m2).  As you prepare a snack in the kitchen and sit down with your family at the dining room table you will enjoy watching the sunset or maybe watching a round of golf with the spectacular view. The size of the kitchen is 134.55 square feet (12.50 m2) making it the middle-sized kitchen out of the five model homes perfect for cooking and watching the sunset go down. The master bedroom with 163 square feet (15.15 m2) sits comfortably next to the patio area, with its own master bathroom.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

1z 160m2 -1Home Specifications

Main Room     14’5″ X 23’2″

Kitchen      9’1″ X 13’

Master Bedroom  11’7″ X 14″

Bedroom 2    11’7″ X 12’1″

Bedroom 3    11’7″ X 10’8″

Master Bathroom 11’7″ X 5’11″

Bathroom 2    11’7″ X 6’3″

Bathroom 3     6’4″ X 5′

Deck             11’11″  X 9’2″







Home 2Z

3 ok

In the center of the Las Olas 2Z home, we focus our attention on the dining room that rests on the hallway that separates the master bedroom from the other two bedrooms. Bedroom 2 and 3 both share a full bathroom that comes equipped with two sinks.  This home has an oversized master bedroom at 214.20 square feet (19.90 m2) which has its own walk-in closet and master bathroom.  The kitchen is located on the right hand side of the home at 150 square feet (13.90 m2).  For those who prefer to cook outside, not to worry because the covered patio deck has its own outdoor kitchen and an ample space.  

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

2z 160m2 - 1Home Specifications

Main Room        22’11″ X 17’4″

Kitchen                8’2″ X 13’

Master Bedroom  15’1″ X 14’2″

Bedroom 2             12’8 X 8’2″

Bedroom 3             12’8″ X 8’2″

Master Bathroom  9’2″ X 8’3″

Bathroom 2        11’8″ X 6’2″

Bathroom 3        5’3″ X 6’6″

Deck                   23’3″ X 11’4″








Home 3Z

1 ok

Home 3Z is a match made in heaven for those who love cooking due to the size of the kitchen at 164.80 square feet (15.31 m2), making it the biggest kitchen of all the Z homes. The living room at 335.51 square feet (31.17 m2) stares out to a beautiful scenery, making it an enjoyable place to be when you have company over or if you just want to enjoy nature at its best without stepping out of your home.  The patio is narrow, but long with an outdoor kitchen.  The master bedroom is slightly smaller at 154.25 square feet (14.33 m2), but features an amazing walk-in closet, master bedroom, and an incredible view.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

3Z (I) (Copy)Home Specifications

Main Room        22’11″ X 16’3″

Kitchen               14’4″ X 11’5″

Master Bedroom 11’5″ X 12’2″

Bedroom 2         12’8″ X 9’8″

Bedroom 3         12’8″ X 9’8″

Master Bathroom 9’3″ X 8’3″

Bathroom 2        11’8″ X 5’11″

Bathroom 3         4’9″ X 6′

Deck                    26’10″ X 8’2″







Home 4Z

6 ok

The 4Z home has an ideal open floor plan including master and two extra bedrooms. On the right-side of the home we find a living room at 359 square feet (33.35 m2).  The living room opens up to the dining room and kitchen. Along with home 2Z, the master bedroom of this home is one of the biggest of the Z homes at 206.45 square feet (19.18 m2).  Both bedroom 2 and 3 share a bathroom, but unlike the other homes this shared bathroom only has one sink.  At 206.45 square feet (19.18 m2) we have the master bedroom that sits in the rear-end of the home with a beautiful view.  It’s covered patio deck is the smallest of the Z homes with its outdoor kitchen.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

4z - 1Home Specifications

Main Room       13’1″ X 25’7″

Kitchen                 8’8″ X 13′

Master Bedroom 17’5″ X 10’2″

Bedroom 2         12’4 X 11’

Bedroom 3         12’4″ X 10’4

Master Bathroom 12′ X 5’10″

Bathroom 2        10’8″ X 5’5″

Bathroom 3          4’9″ X 5’1″

Deck                    19’1″ X 12’11″








Home 5Z

3 ok

Unlike the other Z homes, home 5Z  has a waiting room as you enter the home.  As you walk past the waiting room you enter the kitchen, dining room, and living room area.  The kitchen design is different from the others as well, as it offers a more ample space to perhaps have a cooking show or to gather your guests around the kitchen area.  At 104 square feet (9.66 m2) the kitchen includes a little island in the center.  The master bedroom sits on a 140.15 square feet (13.02 m2) area overlooking the scenery.

collage 1-1

collage 2-1

collage 3-1

5z m2 - 1Home Specifications

Main Room      24’9″ X 15’9″

Kitchen             10’10″ X 9’10″

Master Bedroom 13’1″ X 10’11″

Bedroom 2          11’3″ X 9’10″

Bedroom 3          13’3″ X 9’10″

Master Bathroom 13’3″ X 6′

Bathroom 2        13’3″ X 5’6″

Bathroom 3          6’10″ X 5’10″

Deck                      25’3″ X 9’10″


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