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7 Day Tour

Seven Day Tours

For those on a tight schedule, we offer 7 day tours catering to either the coast, the mountains or a little of both!


The seven day coastal tour starts in Guayaquil and follows the coast to popular beach towns including Playas, Salinas, Montanita/Olon and Puerto Cayo/Puerto Lopez. Manta, the fastest growing city in Ecuador, will also be included on the tour. The final destination of the seven day coastal tour is Bahia de Caraquez.


The seven day mountain tour begins with your flight into Quito. Stops include the picturesque town of Cotacatchi and the vibrant and beautiful city of Cuenca. From Cuenca a short flight will take you back to Quito for your flight home!

Coast and Mountains

This tour will introduce the popular towns on the coast and in the Mountains. After flying into Quito, guests will explore Cotacachi before flying to Cuenca. Heading to the coast, the tour starts at Salinas and stops at the popular beach towns on the way to Bahia de Caraquez.

Tours are conducted with a bilingual host in comfortable transportation. Custom tours will also be available depending on your interest, including medical and adventure tourism.

Join us as we showcase the best real estate offerings in Ecuador.

We expect to release our tour dates shortly.

Please contact us if you are interested.


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