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Residences at Las Olas

Las Olas consists of 6 pocket-size communities, each boasting unique natural views of either the ocean, golf course or beautiful surroundings of our 650-acre private nature reserve.

Our communities are inter-linked with each other to ensure our sense of community flourishes.  Beautiful walk-ways for you to stroll down, ride your bike or go for a drive in your electric cart, free from all car emissions and pollutants.

We are creating an eco-community where people care about the community they live in!

Our homes will be built using a Foam EPS Core System.  This system is great in that it is conducive to our environment with the ocean being nearby and also very durable to any seismic activity.  It is extremely sound proof and helps insulate your property which will keep cool or warm air in when needed.  Homes will have large windows and doors to circulate fresh air as much as possible.
Our power will be generated using solar panels and batteries, they will be placed at an angle to the west to soak up as much sun as possible to store energy in our batteries which will keep our homes functioning.


2 Bedroom Home Plans


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Hillside Condominium Plans


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