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Full steam ahead on Construction!

May 2016 Construction Update  

After a tough couple weeks here in Ecuador things are starting to return to normal again, especially at Las Olas…construction is on the go and work is progressing at a fast pace.

We have multiple construction projections under way at the moment.

First, we have a team of three excavators working on the grading of the hillside directly behind the Las Playas ocean front community.  They are tag teaming with bulldozers and dump trucks to make the grading adjustments required directly behind the beachfront homes.

Second, we have a team that includes an excavator, dump trucks, bulldozers,  a grader, roller, and backhoe completing the final terracing requirements of the Vista Al  Mar community.

Third, we have a team that continues to build the retaining walls that serve to support all the various terrace levels.  Just one of the many features that makes Las Olas unique.  We are also planting vegetation along the retaining walls that serves to not only give a pleasant natural look, but also serves to provide additional support to the terrace.  We were happy to see that both the terraces and the retaining walls already constructed did not incur any damage from the earthquake.

Fourth, we began taking delivery of our Hormi2 panels earlier this week which is very exciting news for us as this means we are one step closer to seeing walls go up on the first few homes here at Las Olas.  In the images below you can see our work crews busy with the first few home foundations and our Hormi2 panels ready to be constructed.  We expect to pour the cement foundations for the first three homes next week.

Finally, work continues on Ceibo Valley golf course. The irrigation ponds are lined and filling with water. We are going to install the irrigation system for the 15th hole within the next couple of weeks, followed by the 14th hole and 16th hole. The back nine holes are quickly nearing completion and there is a lot of discussion amongst the golf course construction team on which will be the signature hole.

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Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.  Also, check out our image gallery for the latest Las Olas images.