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Then and Now: The Las Olas Journey So Far

Co-founders David and Randy reflect on the huge progress made at Las Olas over the last 2 and a half years, and how far they have come since the beginning…

We all have big dreams for retirement – some are more simplistic than others.  So when, in 2010, we began buying land in Ecuador with the aim of building an active lifestyle community where we could retire, many of our peers were a little sceptical at first.

However, we were sure that other people would share our vision of a community that combines world-class amenities and comforts, an active lifestyle and respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Indeed, we weren’t alone; our Founders’ Club included over 40 couples who believed in our vision and decided to purchase in 2013-14, even before the immense work began at Las Olas.

Fast forward to 2016, and our Founders’ Club Members are watching their dreams rapidly become a reality.  As Las Olas begins to take shape, support for our project has been gaining momentum. With our plans coming to fruition, people are embracing the ideals we share.

It’s been a long journey so far, but as we begin to construct our first houses, grass our spectacular Ceibo Valley golf course and grow our community, it’s starting to feel a little more like home…


When we arrived at the site in 2013, it instantly became apparent just how much work was ahead of us.  Before we could even think of building, there was the small matter of a 120ft hill at the front of the valley to remove, followed by vast expanses of sand, hills and vegetation to clear.  

We also had to improve access to our properties, by enlarging Pajonal Road for approximately 4 miles and repairing huge potholes, to allow heavy equipment on and off the site, especially after heavy rainfall.

Slowly but surely, we got to work on the clearing operation.  This massive undertaking involved removing over half a million cubic meters from the hills at the front of the beach – the equivalent of over 60,000 dump truck loads – and moving it back to create terraces that would ensure most homes can enjoy an amazing ocean view.

Las Olas Ecuador

Las Olas Ecuador from the beach, February 2013

The operation took a lot of sweat and tears, but eventually, we began to see our master plan take shape, as we created a blank canvas on which Las Olas could be built.

In the process we also started to create Las Olas’ road and street system, which is now in excess of 7 miles, not including the golf cart paths currently spanning over 2 miles!


Two and a half years later, that once untamed landscape is a very different place. With the clearing operation nearly complete, construction is now underway, and we’re gradually seeing the first signs of our community spring up across the site.

The Ceibo Valley golf course is also becoming a reality, with drainage on the 14th, 15th and 16th green completed, and most of the rough and bunkers around the holes in place.  We are now installing drainage on both the 17th and 13th holes; we are pushing very hard to complete the back nine as soon as possible.

Las Olas Ecuador aerial view, February 2016

Las Olas Ecuador aerial view, February 2016

As we continue to lay out the infrastructure of our eco-community, Las Olas is gaining ever more attention in Ecuador, the US, Canada and beyond.  There’s still a long way to go, but as the site takes shape, more and more people are falling in love with our community and deciding to call it their home.

We have exciting plans for Las Olas and our active lifestyle community.  To learn more about our vision, visit our Master Plan. Want to discover our outstanding facilities for yourself?  Come and visit us and stay for free* for a limited time only.