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One step closer…foundation concrete is being poured!

Construction update May 13, 2016

Construction at Las Olas continued on several fronts over the past few weeks.  Despite the earthquake, everyone was anxious to get back to work.  We are happy to report that we are now running at full throttle again. Work is continuing in several areas right now.

First and foremost, Las Olas is happy to announce that we have progressed from the installation of piers for the first group of homes to the pouring of the first foundations. The combination of the twenty to twenty-four piers drilled over four meters deep into the earth and tied into the concrete foundation beams ensure these home will be amongst the strongest foundations for new homes found anywhere in the world.

The next step will be to erect the walls which will be built using Hormi2 panels. Not only are these panels lighter and more energy efficient, but they are also thirty percent more earthquake tolerant which, given the events of the last few weeks, shows that we have always had our community’s safety and security at the top of our design and construction criteria.


Second, we continue working on the terracing on the mountainside immediately behind the Las Playas community. We have dedicated a large group of equipment to this area as we push hard to complete grading in order to commence construction of our first group of oceanfront homes and our beach club and spa.

May 2016 - Hillside work behind the Las Playas community

Third, we continue to construct the retaining walls and plant vetiver grass on the slopes to ensure that our state-of-the-art terracing design, which ensures virtually every home has an amazing view of the ocean and in most cases the championship Ceibo Valley Golf Course as well, is the most soundly built terraces possible.

Retaining walls

Fourth, we continue with the construction of roads throughout the community.

Finally, we continue to build our Ceibo Valley Golf Course with the completion of bunkers and the planting of natural grasses on the 14th, 15th and 16th holes nearing completion. We expect to commence with the installation of our irrigation system on the 15th hole within the next couple of weeks.

May 2016 - 15th Hole with grass, bunkering and wood wall

Every single crew member has helped make this dream become a reality and we are extremely happy with the progress that is being accomplished each and every day.

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