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We will have four sources of water to choose from and we are currently finalizing which source to use.

– Potable water is available from the provinces new pipeline that supplies the surrounding communities which we store in our water tower prior to receiving additional filtration so that it is drinkable right from the tap or from our front aquifer well system.

– A new water treatment facility that is currently being planned for the City of Bahia and expected to come online in 2017 which has caused us to delay finalization with the province.

– We also have an aquifer underneath our property and have a wells ranging from 25 to 90 meters deep that will be used to irrigate the golf course but could also be used to supply potable water to Las Olas.

– Finally, a brand new 4,000 cubic meter per day desalination plant has recently been made available to us and we our currently studying the benefits and costs of this option.

Last updated on 6 April 2016.
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