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Ceibo Valley Golf Course Construction Update

We recently added four new members to our golf construction team and we will be …[Read More…]

Construction Updates – Building Retaining Walls

Over the past several months, Las Olas has continued to build our unique terracing design …[Read More…]

Construction Updates – 14th, 15th and 16th Holes

This picture was taken at Las Olas yesterday evening. It shows the 14th, 15th and …[Read More…]

Las Olas Ecuador – Construction Update

The below photo was taken earlier this week at Las Olas and shows you the …[Read More…]

Construction Update – Aerial View of Las Olas Ecuador

Pictures taken from the property yesterday.  The area for the hillside condominiums has now been …[Read More…]

Las Olas Ecuador – Construction Update

Photographs taken on May 30th show the continued work in both the Vista al Mar …[Read More…]

Construction Continues At Las Olas

The construction of the terraces at Las Olas and golf course construction progresses smoothly at …[Read More…]

LAS OLAS ECUADOR’S Unique Oceanfront Terrace Design Up Close

One of the features that makes Las Olas stand out is the innovative Master Plan …[Read More…]

Water Sources for Las Olas

The initial plan for Las Olas was to create a well system in our underground …[Read More…]

Creating Las Olas – Grading the Oceanfront Communities

One of the very special feature at Las Olas is the master plan design of …[Read More…]

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